The judgement basis and loss requirement of recycled material used for PE pipe

PE pipe, which is not only a kind of pipe, but also an essential product and key words on the website, therefore, based on these points, it is necessary to be familiar with and understand, and let yourself have a comprehensive understanding, so that. Therefore, the following HDPE pipe manufacturers will continue to explain PE pipe related knowledge, so that you can reach the standard as soon as possible.

1. Are there any specific requirements for PE pipe grade 100?

PE pipe 100, specifically speaking, refers to the pipe is the use of PE100 raw materials, and, in use, there are some specific requirements and reference standards. For example, the pipe can be used for 50 years at a temperature of 20 ° C and has a 97-5% confidence. In the use of strength, is 8-9, 99MPa.

88e4196156cd19e9f69efee0af226c802. How to judge whether PE pipe uses recycled material?

PE pipe material, if you want to judge whether the use of recycling material, then, is to see how smooth the surface of the pipe, because, if it is the recycling material, then, there will be dust or impurities, and the surface will be granular. In addition, you can cut the end face with a knife to check its feel.

3. PE pipe, whether it has installation loss and loss coefficient?

PE pipe, it is installation loss, so, there is also a loss factor. So, in this case, the answer is yes. In addition, what we need to understand is that the loss of PE pipe should be controlled, typically within 10%, so as to ensure the installation effect of the product. If it can be controlled within 5%, it will be better.

For PE pipe, it can be said that the above problems are extremely essential and basic, therefore we are required to learn and master sincerely, and understand how to answer accurately, but in practical work to solve in time, rather than at a loss. Moreover, this is also one of the effective ways for us to understand the product thoroughly, so there can be no carelessness and slack.