Precision stamping parts processing bending die adjustment four key points

Metal processing bending is usually carried out by bending die in the press. bending processing is the most important form of bending processing. processing should be in strict accordance with the metal stamping operation specifications, strictly prevent the occurrence of wrong operations. The following are the adjustment points of the bending die:

(1) Adjustment of convex and concave die clearance
Generally speaking, metal stamping parts manufacturers according to the bending die installation method to complete the bending die in the upper and lower position of the press determined, bending the gap between the upper and lower die will also be guaranteed. For THE GUIDED bending die, THE relative positions of the upper and lower die in the press are all determined by the guiding parts, so the lateral clearance of the upper and lower die is also guaranteed. For the unguided bending die, the lateral clearance of the upper and lower die can be adjusted by the method of pad board or standard sample.

f453860ca86aadcd8c2abb8f7d0c93d7(2) Adjustment of positioning device
The positioning shape of the bending die positioning parts should be consistent with the blank parts. In the adjustment, should fully ensure its positioning venerable and stability, the use of positioning block and positioning nail bending die, if the position and positioning is found after the test, should adjust the positioning position or replace the positioning parts.

(3) Adjustment of unloading and returning devices
The discharge system stroke of the bending die should be large enough, and the spring or rubber used for discharge should have enough elastic force: the ejector and discharge system should be adjusted to flexible action, and can discharge the product parts smoothly, without sticking and astringent phenomenon. The acting force of the unloading system on the products should be adjusted and balanced to ensure that the surface of the products after unloading is smooth and does not produce deformation and warping.

(4) Matters needing attention for adjusting bending die
In the bending die adjustment, if the position of the upper die is lower or forget to remove the gasket and other debris from the die, then in the process of stamping, the upper die and the lower die will collide violently in the stroke position of TDC, serious may damage the die or press. Therefore, if there are ready bending parts in the production site, the specimen can be directly placed on the working position of the mold for mold installation and adjustment, so as to avoid the occurrence of accidents.