Prince Andrew likes to collect teddy bears: different stuffed animals that represent different personalities

Prince Andrew, 62, the British royal family's notorious philandering Prince, is a private teddy bear collector.

According to the Sun on January 19, the prince also gives orders to his servants to put dozens of his stuffed animals on the bed in the order he wants them to, and gets annoyed if they get them wrong.

No wonder people say: Who isn't a baby? It was all very real.

Andrew's behavior is not surprising, as there are numerous adults in his life who also love to collect stuffed animals.

According to a leading British psychologist, people like different stuffed animals, representing different personalities and inner needs, then do you know what they represent? Let's find out!

The Big Teddy Bear

People who love large teddy bears are normally loyal friends. He or she has a kind and generous nature, does not hide his or her feelings, is broad-minded, and great at listening, he or she must be a good friend to those around him or her.Here are America Giant Teddy Bear Plush Toys.

​Small Teddy Bear

If you like a bear, it may be because it was a gift from one of your childhood friends, so it carries fond memories of childhood.

Old teddy bear

It represents the past that you cling to, and it always brings you comfort that you are a nostalgic person.

A brand new teddy bear

If you love "freshly baked" teddy dolls, you are a smart, organized person. You were supposed to be loved when you were a kid, and you didn't seem to realize it.

This may also be a reflection of your parents' personalities. Although they loved you intensely, they were both bad at showing affection.

The rabbit

If you love shy rabbits, you are gentle and considerate. Like a person, they will take the initiative to pay, give each other a lot of love.

Ted Bear with a heart

It means you're hungry for extra romance, or you already have it and want to show it to others. The bear may have been a gift from a loved one or friend. If you bought it yourself, you may feel that romance and love are lacking in your life.

Dress the teddy bear

It means you're not mature enough at heart to take on the responsibilities of an adult. If you also dress your teddy bear in a variety of clothes, it shows that you have elevated self-esteem.

Cartoon toy

If you keep some cartoon toys on your bed, you miss your childhood.

The elephant

It means that you are creative and enjoy a different way of life, and that you are better suited to be a leader.

A hippopotamus

It shows that you have a more independent mind than others.

The blanket

It shows that deep down you haven't grownup yet and still want to be a child, so you're acting a bit childish in your life.