How to choose the trailer tire? How to prolong the service life of tires in use?

As a mainstay in the freight industry, the transportation conditions of the trailer are relatively complex. The tire, as the only part in contact with the road during the running of the trailer, needs to bear various deformation, load, stress and high and low temperature under the conditions of high speed, heavy load, rain and snow, sand and stone, so it can be regarded as a huge consumable. Semi Trailer Manufacturers believe that excellent driving skills can frequently help owners extend the service life of tires.

1. Air pressure should reach the standard

When the tire pressure is lower than the standard value, the tire shoulder wear increases. When the tire pressure is higher than the standard value, the tire ground area is reduced, the unit pressure is increased, the tire tread middle wear is increased, and the tire rigidity is increased, so that the dynamic load of the wheel is increased, and the tire body is easy to burst. So before using the vehicle, make sure the tire pressure is up to standard.

2, no cracks in the tread

Regularly check the tire surface for cracks, deformation, etc. Tire groove due to driving wear gradually shallower. If wear is serious, the tire groove will lose the role of drainage anti-skid, performance decline, affect driving safety at peak speed operation. In addition, attention should be paid to the timely removal of tiny stones in the groove.

22641b01aba9af1aa8cb8240f1d905ff3, parking site selection

Try not to park on potholes, gravel roads, uphill roads, and do not let the tire contact or close to petroleum products, acids or other places that can easily cause rubber deterioration. ​Also, try not to turn the steering wheel after parking.

4, do not water heat dissipation

Especially when the vehicle has just finished running and the tire is in a elevated temperature state, do not pour cold water directly to cool down, otherwise it is easy to damage the tire.

5, try to avoid braking

Enhance predictive driving in the process of vehicle use, as much as possible to avoid unnecessary braking, so as to avoid tire and road drag to accelerate tread wear. When the vehicle starts, it should not be overly fierce.

6. Select driving routes for special sections

When driving in the construction area of highway maintenance, the method of selecting the road surface at low speed is applied to avoid excessive impact on the tire. In the uneven road driving, as much as possible to choose a relatively smooth road surface, reduce the collision between the tire and the road surface, to slow down, avoid tire bumps and strong vibration; ​through the muddy area, you should choose a solid, not easy to slip through the place, so as to avoid tire sag, idling in place, intense heat caused by tire and tire side damage.

7. Control the speed

Driving vehicles in the turn, should be according to the bend road conditions, turning radius for appropriate deceleration, so as to avoid the inertial force and centrifugal force caused by the unilateral tire accelerated wear; ​the vehicle downhill, should be based on the size of the slope, length and road conditions, control the appropriate speed; ​when the vehicle stops on the way and stops at the station, it should develop the habit of sliding safely.

When the owner chooses the tire, he/she should thoroughly consider the vehicle's performance, driving habits, driving routes, climatic conditions and so on.

1. The steering wheel typically chooses four longitudinal patterns, which can sufficiently reduce the resistance of the trailer when driving, especially when driving on the curve, which can significantly increase the ability of steering and sidesliding resistance.

2, special tire with four longitudinal pattern, can enhance the ability to resist transverse scraping, special tire internal steel wire belt bundle structure is also more special, with stronger resistance to puncture, crowding, impact resistance.

3. The driving wheel typically chooses four or five longitudinal stripes with dense horizontal stripes. These patterns can improve the usability of the tire, improve the bearing capacity to a certain extent, and prolong the service life of the tire.

4, the general type tire recommended to choose three longitudinal stripes, because the contact area with the ground is larger, the tire shoulder is wider and thicker, with better wear resistance.

5, as much as possible to choose the flower tire, that is, the longitudinal arrangement of the pattern of the tire, which can minimize the resistance of the vehicle, reduce fuel consumption, reduce the cost, against the lateral scraping, reduce the probability of tire sideslip.

6, in the tire model, the general high-distance, excellent road condition with additional vacuum tires; ​short distance, poor road conditions with steel wire tire or vacuum tire; ​low plate, three-wire six-axis general vacuum tire steel wire tire; ​skeleton trailer can choose a large single tire.

7, if more for the road, straight hook, wide groove pattern drainage is excellent, can also reduce fuel consumption, avoid water-skiing phenomenon; ​if the secondary road drives higher, you can choose a higher wear resistance tire; ​if the mixed road surface is more, it is recommended to choose the mixed pattern, that is, the flower.