Hydraulic lift does not go up, what is the reason?

Most lifts use hydraulic power sources for lifting operation. With the aging of the mechanical structure, some minor faults will inevitably occur after long-term use, such as warehouse hydraulic lift cannot lift, then what is the reason for this?

Hydraulic lifts can not lift for numerous reasons, common are:

1, the load is too heavy, more than the rated load, can reduce the load.

2. The oil return valve is not closed, resulting in abnormal work of the hydraulic system. It is necessary to tighten the oil return valve.

3, the filter is blocked, replace or wash the filter.

5b5f480ad9fe7ef62390d332f2bbd0024. If the hydraulic oil is not sufficient, please add sufficient hydraulic oil to the lift.

5, if the gear pump is damaged, the oil produced without pressure, can not be lifted. The gear pump of the hoist should be replaced.

6, support valve or electromagnetic reversing power generation failure, need to replace a current support valve or electromagnetic reversing power generation.

7, manual pump, gear pump oil leakage. If the spill is serious, it can cause a lack of power. Timely replacement of lift and pump seals is essential.

8, circuit open. The hydraulic system is controlled by the circuit, if the circuit short circuit or open circuit, it can not be removed. ​I need to check the elevator button contactor and fuse, etc.