Shower room choose cleaning tips

With the appearance of the shower room, we began to gradually enjoy the fun of the shower and the benefits of the separation of dry and wet bathroom space, but the only drawback is the bulk shower steamers cleaning and maintenance of the shower room, because the glass not only directly affects the beauty, but also related to health issues. Today we will take a look at the shower room cleaning skills, how to choose the shower room.

Shower room choose cleaning tips

For the yellow water stains on the shower room glass, you need to use glass cleaner spray, and then scrub with a dry cloth can be bright as fresh; ​and the hardware accessories used in each part of the shower room, can not use cleaning agents, so as not to corrode the surface, the best way is to wipe regularly with dry cloth, keep clean.

For the glass room water stains, you can go to the supermarket to buy a suitable for their own home shower room glass door size of the glass scraper (supermarket has, plastic or metal bracket and handle, inlay rubber strip, length must be about the same as the length of their own shower room glass, too long will be inconvenient), after a bath with glass scraper shower room glass scraping, do not need a lot of time, It's easy.

If there is dirt on the glass of the shower room, it can be removed by washing it with a mixture of vinegar and a bit salt. Alternatively, use Amway's glassware cleaning solution to spray bathroom or frosted glass, rub it with a dish ball, and rinse the frosted glass with warm water.

​Wash the toilet with the spirit of cleaning, in addition to normally paying attention to keeping neat, every day when taking a bath with the nozzle to rinse it.

First spray the glass water evenly on the surface of the glass, and then wipe it clean with a soft dry cloth.

How to choose a shower room

1, the bathroom area determines the shape of the shower room.​

The shape of the shower room is typically symmetrical arc fan, square, diamond shape and so on, there are sliding door, folding door, rotating shaft door, etc., in the way of entry is divided into angular entry or single-side entry type, angular entry type is the biggest characteristic of can expand the use rate, can better use the limited bathroom area, is more application style, choose the shape of the shower room to refer to the size and direction of the bathroom.

2, "three no" products can not be bought

The main material of the shower room is tempered glass, tempered glass quality difference is large, authentic tempered glass carefully looking at the faint pattern. Buy the shower room must be bought from the formal channels, to see the brand, can not cohabit the price is inexpensive, some brand is high-grade shower room, looks extremely lovely, numerous functions, it is "three without" products, quality is not good, especially easy to rust, hot air can not be expelled, even the glass will burst.

3, the steam function shower room warranty period

Pay attention to the steam engine and computer control panel when purchasing a shower room with steam function. If the steam engine doesn't pass muster, it won't be long before it breaks down. In addition, the computer control board is the core of the shower room. Since all the function keys of the shower room are on the computer board, once the computer board is faulty, the whole shower room can not be used, therefore, make sure to check the warranty time of the steam engine and the computer board when buying.

4. Whether the plate of chassis is environmentally friendly

​The shower room chassis texture is divided into glass fiber, acrylic, diamond three kinds, diamond fastness is the best, dirt cleaning is convenient. At present, the board used in the shower room is mainly acrylic. It is claimed that the glass wire used in some composite acrylic board contains formaldehyde, which is easy to air pollution. Identification method is: if the back of the acrylic plate is different from the front, relatively rough, it belongs to the composite acrylic plate.