Why is the bar so high?

Many people think that tennis is a sport with a high bar, and it is. So why is it so high?

Table tennis, badminton, even if you have no contact with, but as long as you play for a while can barely fight with others.

But tennis is totally different. You watch other people playing easy and you think you can play easy for a few rounds like everyone else, but you actually go out on the court and you're just happy you can touch the ball.

The scarcity of tennis courts is one reason for the low bar requirements of tennis, but more importantly the barriers to entry are high.

The author identifies three reasons for the low bar in tennis technology.

Reason 1: The ball is heavy, and the ratio of heavy to heavy is the largest

Tennis balls generally weigh around 58 grams, which is much heavier than ping-pong balls and badminton, and according to Newton's laws of mechanics, heavier objects have greater inertia.

That is to say, it is much more difficult to change the state of tennis than it is to change the state of badminton and table tennis, and this difficulty can be considered proportional to its weight.

The tennis racket is also the badminton racket, the table tennis racket is the heaviest of the three. A tennis racket weighs 300 grams, and the heavier it is, the harder it is to control it.

Moreover, the ratio of the weight of a tennis ball to the weight of a tennis racket is the highest among the three sports.

Tennis balls weigh 56.7 to 58.47 grams, while tennis racquets generally weigh 280 to 320 grams, a ratio of about one-fifth. Table tennis weight is 2.53 ~ 2.7 grams, table tennis racket weight is generally 70 ~ 90 grams, the ratio of the two is about 1/30. The weight of badminton is 4.74 ~ 5.5 grams, 80 ~ 100 grams, the ratio is about 1/20.

It is because of the three, the tennis racket is the heaviest, the tennis ball is also the heaviest, the weight of the tennis ball and the weight of the tennis racket is the largest ratio of the three, which determines that the tennis racket can only have a large speed to hit the tennis ball.And when playing badminton or table tennis, even if we only rely on the arm force, we can also play table tennis or badminton, because table tennis and badminton are lighter, and table tennis racket badminton racket is lighter.

Why is the bar so high?

This is also one of the reasons why a lot of novices just start to play tennis, even if they hit the ball, the ball will fly, because they are relying on their arms to control the racket, not using their body power, the racket speed is not enough to control the tennis ball. Another reason is not to play in the dessert.

Actually tennis table tennis badminton three power chain is very similar, the whole body is used to play, but because the racquet heavier, tennis is heavy, also determines if the arm alone, tennis is couldn't play, and for table tennis and badminton, even if is a beginner, on the arm alone can barely hit the ball in the past.

Reason two: the biggest venue, the fastest speed

Table tennis is lighter, which determines that it is difficult to play table tennis very fast speed, because air resistance will limit the improvement of table tennis ball speed, and table tennis table is relatively small, the range of running is much smaller.

Badminton, on the other hand, is fast at first (Chinese badminton players smash at an astonishing 332km). But because of the shape of the badminton, the air resistance to it is much greater, which determines that the late deceleration of the badminton flight trajectory is very serious.

And the tennis ball is round, unlike the badminton is the kind of trumpet shape, and relatively heavy, which determines the impact of air resistance is relatively small, and the tennis ball is relatively heavy can also let us fully exert force, hit the tennis ball to accelerate it.

It's hard to throw a feather ten meters because the air resistance is so great relative to the weight of the feather. But it is easy to throw a stone ten meters, because the air resistance is much less than the weight of the stone.

The speed of tennis is relatively fast, and the tennis court is the largest of the three courts, which requires players to run a long distance in a very short time, naturally raising the difficulty of running.

Reason three, tennis racket dessert area and tennis court area, too small

Tennis is a sport in which you hit a tennis ball with a racket dessert. However, in the face of a variety of flying trajectory of the tennis ball, in a large tennis court, with a small dessert on the tennis racket to hit the tennis ball, the ability to predict and move very high requirements.

If the flying tennis ball as a bullet, tennis racket dessert as a target, then the interval of more than 20 meters, with the tennis ball bullet hit the tennis racket on the small dessert, the difficulty coefficient can be imagined.

If table tennis, badminton and tennis are compared to three different girls with different characters and different charm, then tennis is the girl who is more difficult to catch, but difficult to catch and can not hide her elegance and violence blend of charm, is it not?