What do you do to prepare for tennis

Tennis is a lot of people love sports, the sports have very good help to improve body immunity, and often do sport, also can improve the vital capacity, so the movement is suitable for all kinds of choices, before doing sport, preparation for tennis sport, like play tennis, don't have harm to the body, specific how to do? Here is a detailed introduction.

Tennis Preparation:

1. Neck rotation and twist -- do 2-4 4-beat rotations (clockwise, counterclockwise). Head twist: Head to the left and right gradually, hold 4-6 seconds.

2 wrist do straight fingertips and wrist ---- plate straight fingertips: straight arm upright palm, the other first gently to the direction of the body to pull the fingers, gradually add force, maintain 5-10 seconds, and then gradually relax, for the other hand. Wrist rotation: Interlace your fingers in front of your chest and rotate your wrists 8 to 10 times.

3. Shoulder rotation and shoulder press two movements ---- shoulder rotation: do 2 to 4 4 beats clockwise and counterclockwise rotation, both shoulders at the same time. Pressure shoulder: one hand across the chest, the other hand in the front direction behind the forearm pressure cross arm, gradually add force, maintain 5-10 seconds, and then gradually relax, change the other hand.

What do you do to prepare for tennis

4 waist do bend, turn waist, waist side stretching action ---- bend: feet apart and shoulder width, forward bend fingertips contact the ground, but or contact the left and right feet outside the ground, each touch to maintain 5-10 seconds. Turn your waist: turn your waist to the left and right, while your head turns in the opposite direction, and do two to four 4-beats. Waist stretch: Cross your fingers on top of your head and reach your palms up as far as you can, then gradually reach out to the left and right. Do this 2-4 times.

5. Leg press and relax with left and right lunges and servant steps ----- lunges: Do not lift the heel of the unsupported leg off the ground, gradually press down, do 6-8 times. Footstep: The unsupported leg tips off the ground, gradually press down 6-8 times.

6. Arms before and after rotation: arms straight, forward and backward cross rotation 8-15 times, this is an important activity of square release shoulder joint.

7. Jump in place and next jump ---- jump in place is the term of the mat step: this is a very important and useful step exercise in tennis, the toes of the feet on tiptoe, with the toes gently jump in place, do 20-30 times. Jump down: Squat down, put your hands on your knees and then jump up. This is a leg strength and coordination exercise that can be done 5-15 times.

Step size Cross step practice and relaxation, but is as important a tennis step as the cushion step.

9. If you do the above warm-up and relaxation activities carefully, it will take at least 10-15 minutes, you will feel more relaxed limbs, this time can hold the racket to do a few forehand and backhand and serve high pressure air swing, good, ready to play.

These are tennis before the preparation of sports, in the preparation of these sports to do, to be patient, and there can be no omission, otherwise it is easy to affect their own health, there are a lot of people playing tennis, because they did not do these sports, resulting in a variety of problems in the body, serious will cause bone dislocation.