How difficult is tennis?

As we all know, tennis is the most difficult sport in the world.

In our country, tennis is booming, and the number of people participating in tennis is increasing year by year. But in the process of promotion and popularization, where is the difficulty of tennis and its characteristics? Compared with table tennis and badminton, what are the specific differences? It is also a subject that needs to be addressed and discussed, sensitive as it is.

Some of the following personal views, may cause table tennis and badminton two different views or arguments, is a good thing or a bad thing, people's opinions, people's opinions. However, there is one thing I sincerely hope that more table tennis and badminton players can participate in the sport to experience it. Although said, radish green vegetables, each has his love, but sometimes for a change of taste, just know that is the favorite! Wouldn't it be better to have another hobby? !

1. Public recognition

1.1 Getting started the most difficult:

This point needs no further explanation. I believe that there is no dispute between the ball friends of table tennis and badminton.

1.2 Sport intensity lower than badminton:

Although tennis is generally longer than badminton. But if you look at the running distance and the number of strokes per unit of time, badminton is indeed more physical than tennis.

1.3 Longest career life:

In terms of the sports life of professional players, tennis is the most important among the three balls. The outstanding characteristic of professional table tennis and badminton players is that they are successful in their youth but retire early. Very few people over 30 are still working. The characteristics of tennis players are 'late bloomers, but uncertain retirement'. In singles, around 30 is generally considered the 'golden' age; In doubles events, it is common to see people in their 40s win gold MEDALS.

2. Technical difficulty

2.1 Hardest ball control:

The racket is heavy and the number of rounds is small. The characteristics of picking up the ball more than playing time is obviously higher than table tennis feather.

How difficult is tennis?2.2 Most active mistakes:

In the loss of the second ball in table tennis and badminton, pressure errors are usually more than active errors. Tennis, on the other hand, has more active errors than pressure.

2.3 Power feeling is the hardest to find:

All three balls need power to support them. But to find that kind of smooth and transparent overall force feeling, from the time, table tennis is the best to find, followed by badminton, and tennis takes the longest time. To this, the friends of table tennis and badminton will have objections. I hope you can experience it yourself.

2.4 Highest requirements for body coordination:

All three balls are based on physical coordination. The forehand and backhand skills of table tennis and badminton are mainly on one side of the hand, that is, one hand. The backhand technique in tennis usually involves both hands, both hands. Therefore, from the left and right sides of the body coordination requirements, tennis is the highest degree.

2.5 Slowest progress time:

Under the condition of coach guidance and their own uninterrupted practice, ordinary people spend 3-5 years or so, the progress of table tennis and badminton is very obvious, and the growth of playing age is basically proportional to the level. But under the same conditions, tennis gives people the feeling that the input and output is not proportional to the time and energy paid and the actual level of achievement is often inconsistent. The pace of progress is far less than two goals.

3. Skill difficulty

3.1 Techniques are indistinguishable:

Table tennis and badminton both pay attention to the flexibility of the wrist, pay attention to the explosive force of the wrist and the use of three finger force; Tennis on the wrist usage, there is a 'set/live' points, pay attention to is the use of palm force and four finger force. (To be followed). As far as technique and skill are concerned, individual views are characteristic and difficult to divide. To this, table tennis and badminton two circles of ball friends, may not agree. But I strongly encourage you to get involved and experience it.

3.2 Spin skill is lower than table tennis

The three spins in tennis (up/down/side) are not at the same level as table tennis in terms of speed or variety, given the different friction between the rubber and the thread bed. Of course, tennis bounce height and forward strength, but also table tennis is incomparable.

3.3 The control of strength and landing point is lower than badminton

In the process of holding the ball, in terms of the combination of the use of strength and the control of landing point, in most cases, tennis and table tennis are mainly based on power, and the characteristics of winning by "force and line" are obvious. While the badminton force is the combination of weight and weight, with 'clever and landing point' to win the characteristics of obvious. On the frequency of feint, the badminton ball can be called the first of the three balls.

4. Speed and smash

4.1 The maximum speed is lower than badminton

There is a record for top players in the world, and badminton has a higher top speed than tennis.

4.2 Ball holding speed is slower than table tennis feather:

Tennis is usually slower than table tennis in the back and forth phase, except for the return of the serve or a few at the net.

4.3 The highest smash winning points:

No matter in doubles or singles, such as in the middle and front court power smash, the badminton can catch the higher proportion. But tennis mostly ends with the winning point.

In conclusion, the purpose of this article is not to argue who is higher and who is lower in terms of tennis difficulty and its comparison. For us amateurs, it is equally difficult to play and master any kind of ball.

The main purpose of this article is to hope that these difficulties can arouse the curiosity and challenge of both table tennis and badminton players, so as to participate in the experience. Because the skills they have accumulated over the years, if they play tennis, they will definitely develop faster than others. For example, those who have the foundation of table tennis have a deep understanding of rotation, and have certain advantages in mastering the speed of second serve and forehand and backhand. People with badminton foundation have innate advantages in serve, net, pace, physical strength and other aspects. It is believed that the time factor will gradually make many of them fall in love with the sport.