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  1. wholesale handcrafted jewelry Watch, headset, massage instrument, home small electrical appliances.
    choosing gifts is also a matter of mind.
    Theko ⽴ ⽴ In 1946, the brand image of live, young, fashionable, and multifunctional brand represented by Kajieo has been deep ⼊⺠
    ⼼. ⼗⼏ Most of them are suitable for 三 to three years old. Kajie Ou Corporation has led the skill in Tongzheng as a skill, and has been in the past years. Since its launch, the monument is good.
    Backer headphones, founded in Beijing in 1996. It has now developed into professional multimedia audio and home audio as its core products. And well -known industry high -tech enterprises and industry leadership brands.
    This headphones are the earliest domestic headphones and open up the international market. Sony Headphones is a huge engine of audio and video and digital products, and it is the leader among many headset brands. Beats headset, sound insulation effect is better, and the appearance is beautiful. Philips headsets have outstanding performance in the field of headset products.
    Shang Shanghai Rongtai Health Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2002, adjacent to the "Shanghai Venice" -Chiyajujiajiao. It is a massage appliance, technology health solution supplier and brand service provider that integrates R