How about a 170CM silicone sex doll with delicate makeup


The packaging is also very hidden and completely invisible, it feels very comfortable to get it, good price ratio, this price should not be able to buy better, no taste, really in many details are very thoughtful, make things look very feeling, like friends can buy. It's the right size, and it's a lot of stuff. This is one of the most satisfying "lifesize realistic sex dolls" I've ever bought, and the quality is reliable. The workmanship is very fine, the material is very soft, the packaging is very tight, the cleaning is also very convenient, satisfied, the material is soft and exquisite, the feel is good, the packaging is very private, you can't see what it is, it is worth having, the privacy protection is better, buy this or a little embarrassed, satisfied


The delivery was amazing. It only took one day. Very beautiful breast milk Mimi touch soft with the real person, let a person very impulsive, very desire ah, sex doll with very comfortable, the mouth can also use a kind of clip suction feeling, the use of a few times feeling can also focus on the chest big blow good comfortable ah! There are films below. It is very reassuring to use, customer service is also good, gifts sent a lot of ha​



All silicone soft chests feel especially good, no smell, interactive chat and pronunciation play a very real feeling! The design inside the channel is very good and great. Jingdong delivery is very fast and private delivery is very satisfactory!


​The service attitude is very good, very good, sex doll face shape is very beautiful and very delicate, hands and feet are very fine, looks very lovely, gifts are very thoughtful, fast delivery, packaging confidentiality is good, solid tight. It was a lot of practical stuff and I was very happy with it. Praise a


It is the first time to buy this jxdoll, although it has not been used, but the important parts of the product look very realistic, and feel very comfortable, should not let me down, the most worthy of praise is the after-sales sister, she is very kind, and she is very patient to explain to me in the middle of the night, she is not bothered, it is worth five stars!


I like the appearance of this sex doll very much, which makes me very excited. It is the type of girl I like. I want to hug her to sleep every day. Her smile is so sweet. I feel OK after trying it twice. It is very good with vibration, who knows who uses it, the welfare of otakus and long-distance relationships.​