wholesale malachite jewelry The era of Bitcoin taxation is over! It turns out that it is so hot abroad!

wholesale malachite jewelry

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  1. wholesale costume jewelry suppliers new york July 1st, Saturday.
    The comprehensive cancellation of 8%Bitcoin consumption tax.
    July 1, the same day.
    The double tax levy of Bitcoin in Australia.
    The Simultaneous reduction and exemption of bitcoin trading taxes with Australia, on the one hand, represents the strong support of the two major economies of Japan and Australia to Bitcoin. On the other hand, it symbolizes the end of the Bitcoin tax era. Expect.
    So it can be said:
    The future of Bitcoin arrives early!
    The current price of Bitcoin is 17,000 yuan, from currency bank
    1 Japan's consumption tax consumption tax.
    The Japanese government has approved the exemption of digital currency trading tax, including Bitcoin. The "Cabinet Command Partial Amendment to the Establishment of the Consumption Tax Act" has officially taken effect on July 1.
    In other words, on July 1, 2017, virtual currency transactions [purchase/sale] will officially no longer pay 8%of consumption tax.
    The Japanese consumption tax rate is currently 8%. The Japanese government originally planned to adjust the consumption tax to 10%in April this year. . "
    I Although the new version of consumption tax abolish digital currency consumption tax, there are still other taxes, such as personal income tax, capital benefit tax or corporate income tax.
    The interpretation of the Japanese trading platform Bitflyer, "If the income from virtual currency exceeds the personal horizontal line, this will be regarded as miscellaneous income and requires taxes. . "
    2 Remoraling consumption tax affects geometry?
    The first, users will buy more bitcoins with less funds.
    Secondly, this makes Bitcoin more grounded and can attract more investors. Of course, Bitcoin is just a legal payment method in Japan, not a currency. my country's central bank defines Bitcoin as a trading product, and it is also not currency.
    third, Japan's move will promote Japan to integrate with the global market, and will promote Japan to become the center of the currency circle.
    3 Australia cancels Bitcoin dual tax.
    On July 1, Bitcoin legislation in Australia also took effect, and the Bitcoin transaction tax in the country will be lower. The network EASY GST Refunds explained that the professional providing GST refund service said, "Australian goods and service tax (GST) are equivalent to consumption taxes in other countries."
    It is announced that digital currency transactions will no longer need to pay duplicate taxes. "From July 1st, buying digital currencies will no longer belong to GST, allowing digital currencies to be used for GST uses."
    Previously, Australian consumers using Bitcoin need to pay twice GST : Once when buying Bitcoin, the other is when using Bitcoin to exchange other products and services.
    4 Japan will push Bitcoin insurance?
    In according to the mainstream Japanese media "Nikkei", Japan's large Bitcoin exchange Bitflyer is working with Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Company. Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Company is a subsidiary of the world's top 500 MS