jewelry wholesale downtown la What is the rights and interest certificate (POS)?

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  1. wholesale crystal jewelry suppliers The Profe of Stake, referred to as POS, also known as the equity certificate, is similar to the existence of assets in the bank, and the bank will allocate the corresponding income through the number of digital assets and time. In the same way, the POS digital assets are used to allocate the corresponding equity according to your currency age. The currency age is the product of the number of coins and time. For example, if you hold 100 coins and hold a total of 30 days, then your currency age is 3,000 at this time. Compared with POW (workload proof mechanism), POS has two advantages. First, POS will not cause too much power waste, because POS does not need to be minitted by combating power. Second, POS is more difficult to perform 51%attack. With 51%of the coins to launch an attack, the network is attacked.

  2. designer fashion jewelry wholesale The equity certificate (POS) has changed the computing power in the workingload mechanism to system rights. The greater the right to the rights, the greater the probability of the next bookkeeper. This mechanism is not as consuming as the workload proof mechanism.
    The equity proof system tries to retain the benefits of workload proof first, and at the same time eliminate some potential security issues (such as 51%attack). At present, many projects are conducting different degrees of research in this direction. Each node in POS still assists the creation and verification of new blocks. The amount of funds (rights and interests) placed in the network is proportional. Malicious deception will be strictly controlled. For example, if a node conducts equity proof on multiple main chains at the same time, the system will confiscate the funds on its chain. Coins, digital currency trading platforms.