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  1. wholesale jewelry display box factory The technique of playing golf
    Golf, commonly known as small white ball, is an outdoor sports. Personal or group players hit a small ball into the holes of the Ridge with different golf clubs. Most of the competitions have 18 holes, and the minimum number of poles is the winner. Let ’s take a look at the skills that golf. Let’ s take a look together!
    . The basic knowledge of the golf club n wooden rods: of course the "wooden pole" was made of wood (the name of the name ), But now there are various materials. Generally speaking, the volume of the wooden rod is slightly larger than the other club. The wooden pole is a typical long -distance club, which means that its distance is more important than accuracy. The club is usually the "1" wooden pole, and the angle of the club surface is roughly between 8 and 12 degrees (the club surface angle 0 degrees is vertical as the ground). Iron: The hardcore was originally made of iron, but most of them are now steel. The hardcore is smaller than the wooden rod, and is usually regarded as an exquisite club. The accuracy is more than the distance in use.
    The rough number represents the pole angle of the rod. The lower the number, the lower the angle of the pole surface, the longer the club. The lower the pole surface, the longer the distance, the farther the distance, but the lower the accuracy. This is also equivalent to the smaller the club, the more difficult it is.
    Metal rods: The metal rod head of the bag cast is quite popular, mainly because the peripheral proportion is controlled by additional control (this is not the original design intention, but the product casting process makes the weight distribution more moderate). The stainless steel pole head is cast into hollow to avoid excessive weight, and the hollow part is usually irrigated to reduce noise. Many people notice that the center can increase the distance whether the center of the metal wooden rod is hit.
    graphite: The commonly used materials for the rod are often used to make a graphite head. The production technology of the two is slightly different. Graphite pre -immersed colloid mixing ABS plastic and shoots into the header of the rod. The second version is made of an epoxy group into a pre -immersed colloid, and then the mixture is compressed into an mold. The weight of the graphite head is the same as that of wooden and metal rods, but it is usually larger than the usual rod head size. This can increase the size of the "sweet point". However, the test result does not confirm that the head of the gled rod is better or farther than the pole head of other materials.
    . How to play the golf
    On how to play golf: Basic standing position
    The good standing position will improve the rationality of the swing movement to a certain extent. A good standing posture not only has a beautiful posture, but also maintains a good balance. If the body cannot maintain a stable state when preparing a movement, of course, the entire swing movement cannot be stable.
    This golf players will appear in the beginning of the starting position, so that the lower jaw is against the chest, so that when swinging, it will hinder the rotation of the shoulder and generate unnecessary body movement. The jaw should be kept height. It will not limit the rotation of the left shoulder during the swing process.
    ① Before standing, you should look at the target direction of the back of the ball, look for a mark on the target line, and determine the connection between the ball and the logo, that is, the direction of the ball.
    ② Determine the position of the ball and the foot. From the position of the ball, it leads to a vertical line with the ball of the ball. Generally, the left foot heel is close to the line.
    ③ two -foot cross -line standing together, leaving the left tip slightly out, and the left heel is close to the line. Both feet and shoulders are width, which helps maintain balance and stability during the swing process. At the same time, the toes are opened slightly outwards, which helps the crotch movement.
    ④ move the center of gravity to the left foot, and properly cross the right foot to the right according to the club used, that is, complete the station movement. As for the width of the standing posture and the distance between the ball, it is not fixed. It is necessary to change with the physical condition of the player and the club used.
    On how to play the golf ball: the club grip
    ① the overlapping grip method
    This method is most common because it can better maintain the sense of both hands, which is convenient Control the balance of the left and right hands. Generally, the palm of the palm, the long finger, and the big person can use the grip method.
    ② Natural grip method
    , also known as baseball -style grip method. As the name suggests, he holds the club with ten fingers on both hands like a bang.
    ③ mutual lock grip method
    In the mutual lock grip method, the little finger on the right hand is not stacked above the gap between the left index finger and the middle finger, but inserts between the left index finger and the middle finger, the hook lock lock Live index finger.
    On how to play the golf ball: How to see the ball
    ① The body is relaxed, and the spiritual concentration is concentrated.
    ② According to the club used, determine the distance between the ball and the foot, gently step on the feet to adjust the posture, and keep the feet stable.
    ③ Bend your elbows, lift the club to the body, and turn your hands to the right to check the middle finger of the right hand and the grip of the ring finger. Return to the left, check the grip of the middle finger, ring finger and small finger.
    ④ Put out the arms down, so that the pole head is located in the front of the ball.
    ⑤ The arms are bent and buckled slightly.
    ⑥ Gently shake the pole head. In order to make the swing movement more smoothly, gently swinging to the head to the head to the head of the pole can be conducive to the tension of the whole body muscles and concentrate.
    On how to play golf: force swing
    The all contents of the swing movement include the rear shot or rear swing-upper swing-the vertex of the swing-down swing-impact -Hasing-ending a few parts.
    All throwing movements have a common feature, turning power into speed through the circular movement. In order to achieve the maximum speed, the body's large muscles (leg muscles, abdominal muscles, back muscles) are used for force, and small muscles (arms, wrists) are relaxed and kept passive.
    ① When the lower pole, the center of gravity moves to the left foot first, and then rotate from the leg and waist to the left quickly, driving the shoulder to rotate quickly, and then drives the arm and club to accelerate. In this way, the number of rod avatars can quickly pass the ball area like lightning, flying out a long distance after hitting the ball. If the arm and wrist's active force cannot obtain the head speed at all, the direction is easy to deviate.
    ②The skills of adult half -wave swing hitting the ball during the beginner, so you must ensure a low rod during training, so that the back swiping has a more full opportunity. On your shoulders, let your back be aimed at the target.
    ③ When the swing reaches the apex, the teenager's body center of gravity should be on the right foot, and the hips and shoulders should turn to the right.
    ④ After the swing is completed, a little pause and then starting the swing movement. The concept of rhythm must be developed.
    ⑤ When swinging down, you need to turn your body's center of gravity from your right leg to the left leg, and this process needs to rotate your hips to point the target to complete.
    ⑥ The closure of the pole must be targeted. The center of gravity of the teenager should stay on the left leg, and the hands are high with the left ear.
    It how to play golf, the above is the content of the health network for you for reference.
    . 11 techniques that you must not know how to fight golf
    1. Graithful transfer (center of gravity)
    If you want to get the farthest distance and the consistency of hitting the ball, you must have a correct center of gravity Transfer. Imagine that there is a wooden rod on the ground vertically in the static position of the ball.
    You should achieve such a goal: the shoulders on the back of the ball and the back of the wooden pole when the rod is raised, of course, the hips cannot be swinging. This can ensure the correct posture of the swing swing. When sending a rod, move the right side of the ball to the other side of the ball, through the imaginative wooden pole.
    Is when you can do this correctly, not only can you fully turn your shoulders, but you can also move a good center of gravity.
    2. Learning baseball player (center of gravity)
    The good swing must rely on a positive center of gravity. You must have a good effort, but you must be well controlled.
    It people are too rigid on their right foot and cannot complete a full center of gravity, resulting in many typical errors that should not occur. After trying the ball, stand in a conventional sight of the ball, then pull it back and lift the left foot back, so that the feet are 6 inches apart. Step out, as if you are a "home run" player is pitching.
    In order to stabilize the ball, you need to slow down the swing movement.
    3. Increasing the power of the forearm (forearm and wrist)
    It the ball to play, the power of the left wrist and left forearm is also crucial. Usually, when we hit the ball, the left wrist was relaxed and controlled on the right arm, causing the top ball, short distance, or left to the left.
    It you can use this strengthening training to change this situation: hold the club with the middle finger, ring finger, and little finger of the left hand, straighten your arm and point forward, make the club parallel with the ground, and then use the power of the wrist to upward upward upwards Raise the club, then reply to the original, and repeat 10-12 times. Taking this as a group, repeated three times. In this training, you can't bend your arms, which can strengthen the "memory" of the muscles.
    4. Stretching is the key to determining the distance (swing)
    In order to increase the distance, both hands must be released correctly in the swing.
    The exercise to make a short wave. When the hands and clubs are high, they feel that they are shaking hands with others, and their thumbs point to the sky. Swiping down, until the rod is delivered, keeping this posture (thumb up) with both hands. This technique guarantees the correct posture.
    5. The turning ball (push pole) on the greens
    is very challenging, because the ball will turn here. In this case, most people want the ball to stop on the relatively high side of the cave cup, not the lower side.
    If a ball turns near the cave cup, the common sense tells us that when the ball is above the cave cup, the gravity will pull the ball rolling, and when the ball is below the cave cup, the gravity will be gravity. Obstocking the ball rolling.
    This is very simple -you need to pay attention to the high side, not the low side, so that you may be able to advance more balls.
    6. Practice with the ball ladder (swing)
    The stable and powerful `swing rods usually have one thing in common -there will be an extension after hitting the ball. The practice method to achieve this purpose is to insert a ball ladder at the 8 -inch place in front of the ball. When hitting the ball, not only should you hit the ball, but he must also knock down the ball ladder. This can train you to "pass" the ball instead of shooting on it.
    7. Use the entire body swing to hit the ball (swing)
    is not a wrist game. A strong swing must be completed with large blocks on the thighs and torso. Many of the most common mistakes made by many amateur balls are to hit the ball with their arms and wrists.
    In accidents, maybe this can also achieve good results, but in order to ensure consistency and gain greater power, the entire body should be considered instead of part.
    8. Imagine that there is a gun behind the cave cup (push pole)
    If you don't pay attention, if you don't pay attention, the three -step push ball will also interfere with you. At this time, you'd better imagine that there is a rake behind the cave cup. This can encourage you to accelerate the steady push hole of the ball, and that the path of the movement of the pole surface is directly pointing at the target.
    9. The eyes are stopped on the coin (pushing pole)
    It is frustrated with the push rod? There is a simple practice method here to reduce the chance of making mistakes. Put the ball on a coin, and focus on the currency in the whole process of the swing.
    In order to prevent you from launching the ball, you can turn your eyes to the ball, especially short push, you just need to look at the coin. If you transfer your eyes to the ball, it will cause your head and shoulders to shoulders and shoulders. Followed by rotation, not to keep your body balance.
    10. "Blast" some sand (sand ball ball)
    next time you are trapped in the sand pit, don't worry about a lot of sand, this is exactly what you need. Wave from the bottom of the ball towards the Ridge. Open the pole direction clockwise and aim slightly to the left. Raise some sand in the target, and the ball will fly in this direction.
    11. Putting the rod surface as a mirror (sand ball ball)
    The key to get out of the sand pit difficulty is to keep the pole open. If you close the rod surface, you will hit the ball down, and you may also tie the head deep into the sand.
    The tips for you to avoid these: imagine that the pole surface is a mirror, and you are going to see your shadow on the pole after ending the ball. This can ensure that the head and eyes of your swing are flat, and this allows you to ensure that the rod surface is open during the entire swing of the swing.
    . Care for golf
    1. Be sure to pay attention to lightning on rainy days
    Recently, Guangdong is rainy, often the next one, but you can still see many balls on the court. Rain swing. But don't forget, the danger of thunder and lightning on rainy days!
    When the lightning and thunder are interval in 30 seconds, please leave the golf cart, ball bag and club, return indoors or go to the protective gazebo; Walk as much as possible, do not touch other people nearby; do not stay or expose places, such as mounds, and stay away from trees, fences and flagpie. When the lightning and thunder are separated by 5 seconds, please stay away from trees, fences and flagplates, and squat quickly. If you may choose low -lying parts as much as possible, move your feet together, keep your hands on your knees, and keep your head down. Essence
    It recommended, it is best not to play in rainy days, safety first!
    . Pay attention to safety
    The safety is so important in golf movement, so that golf rules and etiquette are all both rules and etiquette. List it at the beginning of the beginning. If the player does not know enough about the hard level of golf and club, the court will become a dangerous place. Therefore, the players should pay great attention, such as: do not hit or practice the blank swing in a place where someone is, because the balls that are hit or unintentional stones, branches, and garries may hit others. Furthermore is also impolite. Be careful not to wave when someone walks next to him, and don't walk from the side when others swing.
    3. Maintaining quiet
    This environment is very important to keep the golf course quiet. Players need to be concentrated when playing, and any sound may affect the quality of hitting the ball. Therefore, when speaking on the court, you must lower your voice. Even if you don't mind the players in the same group, you have to take care of the needs of other nearby groups to play guests. Do not run on the court. Running on the court will cause other players to be distracted and irritable, and it will also damage the garries. Therefore, if necessary, you should try to go gently as much as possible.
    It to fight golf needs to be highly concentrated. Do not run and speak loudly on the court. Any sound will affect the quality of hitting the ball. Therefore, when playing golf, pay attention to the etiquette of golf. Respecting each other, without interfering with the opponent to play, can fully enjoy the golf movement.
    4. Placed ears: Pay attention to "FORE"-Watch the ball reminder
    The distance of the player hitting the ball exceeds expectations, or the flight direction of the small white ball appears deviation, hit the right song or the left song ball When you go straight to the spherical road next time, you need to shout out "Fore (watch the ball)" to remind the players on the field area to pay attention to safety. On the contrary, if you hear a "Fore" pointing to your area on the fairway, don't stand there and look straight at your neck. In that case, you may be the target of a small white ball. What to do is to cover yourself as much as possible. For example, after curling in the ball bag, hiding behind the tree or hiding behind the car, try to protect the head with your arms.
    Reminds that the players who hit the ball must pay attention to whether their ball exceeds expectations and reminds other players to pay attention; while other players must also erected your ears when playing, pay attention to listening to "Fore" to watch the ball reminder!
    5. Let the prepared players play first
    If you are not participating in the game or other formal occasions, every time you play the ball, you can let the prepared players play first. In other words, even if the ball of a player in the same group is not the farthest from the hole, as long as he or she is ready to hit the ball, he can hit the ball first. The premise is to reach a consensus with the players of the same group in advance, indicating that the ball will play "Ready Golf" in this game, so that your companion will not think that you do not understand the rules, on the contrary, you will feel your gentleman's grace.
    The prepared player first helps to speed up the speed of playing, but before hitting the ball, you must determine that everyone in the same group knows that you will hit the ball. At the same time The ball hit anyone present, of course, you don't want to have a scene of the same group of ball friends at the same time.
    6. Although the car is slow, there is danger.
    The golf car is an indispensable mobility tool at the end. Although the speed is not fast, it is easy to cause hidden dangers. It still needs to be very careful and pay attention to the golfers.