agate wholesale gemstone beads for jewelry making The motherboard ultra-micro X8DAL-I CPU Xeon E5620 (4-core) two memory ECC4G*2 graphics card Litai Quadro2000 hard disk WD1TB SATA2 32M 720

agate wholesale gemstone beads for jewelry making

5 thoughts on “agate wholesale gemstone beads for jewelry making The motherboard ultra-micro X8DAL-I CPU Xeon E5620 (4-core) two memory ECC4G*2 graphics card Litai Quadro2000 hard disk WD1TB SATA2 32M 720”

  1. rio grande wholesale jewelry If you use it yourself, use i7, benefit is the most important thing!
    i7 uses the new 2600 series, the motherboard uses a better P67, MSI, Yingtai, elite, (Gigabyte and ASUS are not very cost -effective, but if you don't care about those hundreds of hundreds, you can also buy it. A picture comforts, after all, most people think that these two brands are good) The current system is quite stable, just pay attention to heat dissipation.
    In again, why not need a server platform, it is too expensive. In addition, the server platform is mainly good for stability. After all, people are 356x24, and your workstation is definitely not needed. The server platform has the characteristics of virtualization, hardware encryption function and low power consumption. This is another part of its high cost, but we will not use these.
    The design of the Graphics Card Nvidia is really good, but it is affected by software support. The performance is similar to that of AMD. You can also use this, or you can use FirePro V5800. The key is cost -effective. In addition, you can check, drive the support, see which support you want to use 3DMAX versions. There is no driver, everything is blew.
    It, the memory can use 1600MHz DDR3 4GX2, choose a stable
    system to buy a genuine Windos7, which is mainly stable. It is emphasized that you need to use server power. Electricity must be stable! This can exert hardware performance. It is best to match with UPS. 450W is almost the same, about 500 yuan. Don't save money!
    As for the top I7 plus X58 motherboard, it is really not recommended, the cost performance is not good, and it is very power consuming.
    It, if you do n’t maintain Windos7 like me, you should draw a picture for workstations. Do n’t use it for other things. It ’s not possible to have an ordinary PC.
    Are you satisfied?

  2. 10kt gold jewelry wholesale If your machine comes to rendering and 3D production, this configuration is undoubtedly the current E5620 will be your better choice
    The CPU with professional graphics card in the server field. It is expensive (but I don't think you care about it) As for the stability and fast performance of performance rendering, it is unparalleled at home. Let's see the processing capacity of CPU when the best juncture of rendering is at the beginning of the CPU. The current software supports multi-threaded support. Multi-core multi-threads better 8-core 16 threads are very powerful. Oh!
    It, you want to change it to i72600, but you still have to match the professional graphics card and the price is cheaper, and the performance is not too much. Stability is that you don’t want to get a blue screen at the end of the moment.

  3. wholesale clothes and jewelry sites It looks strong. In fact, it is not suitable for you. Who is your configuration? It is the standard accessories of the server. Use the server to make a picture. The server graphics processing capacity is very poor. Mainly its strength is not here. Not much to say, if you make a picture, then you can re -optional.挻 Funny ~~

  4. luxury fashion jewelry wholesale Do design or buy MAC's personal workstation
    The "server" you spell like this will disappoint you, nondescript, and the price will not be very affordable.