wholesale jewelry price list What are you can use QQ music sound shell?

wholesale jewelry price list

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  1. wholesale gold jewelry manufacturers no time limit.
    The virtual props circulating on QQ music. Musicians and people can receive daily tasks and monthly tasks. There are different task requirements according to different levels. The higher the level, the more the number of sound shells can be obtained.
    In the open platform level, complete different daily tasks (sign in, reply to fan reviews, reply to work reviews, share works), monthly tasks (release works, add playback volume, add new fan quantity, release music dynamic dynamics, release music dynamic dynamics ), Every time you complete a task, there will be a fresh sound of sound.
    1 sound shell = 1 successful promotion, that is, 1 sound shell can increase 1 playback volume, different levels of different single promotion upper limit can be obtained through promotion level Limited, adhering to the principles of first -first -first -first -zy -in -in -in -ks, the daily redeemed works will be given priority review.
    Is when the work has been reviewed and promoted by the creator, it will still deduct the required sound shells required for this part. If the work is not passed, the sound shell will be returned to the original account. When insufficient, return the difference to the original account.
    The "work promotion" rights and interests are exchanged for original music and radio programs, and the number of broadcasting times of radio programs is related to actual playback duration. When the playback time of the short -term platform, this promotion value will not be displayed. Therefore, there may be situations where the number of display values ​​and the number of redemption promotion may be uniform.