Influencing factors of service life of ternary lithium battery

Regarding the factors that affect the service life of ternary lithium batteries, Hydrogen Cloud Chain believes that this needs to be analyzed from two aspects: the structure of the battery itself and the state of use, such as: lithium battery material, use environment, and optimal operating state.

Specifically, in the whole process of application, due to improper use, irreversible electrochemical corrosion occurs inside the lithium battery, resulting in a reduction in volume, such as the dissolution of the lithium battery electrolyte in the rechargeable battery, and the specificity of active substances in the rechargeable battery. , These will immediately cause the service life of the ternary lithium battery to decrease sharply.More information about batteries:lifepo4 10kwh manufacturer

Of course, the power lithium battery of a pure electric vehicle has reached the end of its service life. Repeated use will bring users a worse driving experience. Since the power lithium battery service life standard was formulated in the past two years, the battery power was not large at that time, the mileage of electric vehicles was short, and the attenuation coefficient was below 80% of the new rechargeable battery. It really felt that the mileage was reduced a lot. For example, if the mileage is originally 200 kilometers, the attenuation coefficient of the rechargeable battery is 80%, and the battery needs to be charged after driving 160 kilometers. Now that the cruising range of electric vehicles is already very high, users with an attenuation factor of 20% no longer feel so strongly about electric vehicles.

The application prospect of ternary lithium battery

According to statistics, by 2020, the use of ternary lithium batteries will increase by 8%. People generally use ternary lithium batteries in cars, and the utilization rate has increased rapidly. It was close to 6% four years ago. Ten, and the share of special vehicles is higher than that of new energy buses. Nowadays, mainstream sales cars like BAIC and BMW have all used ternary lithium batteries, so ternary lithium batteries are widely used in various electric vehicles.More:10kwh lithium battery 48v

According to the above discussion, we know that compared with the previous years, the performance of ternary lithium batteries has been greatly improved and improved. Compared with ordinary lithium cobalt oxide batteries, their rated current and volume have far exceeded them. Although the manufacturing cost of ternary lithium batteries is relatively high, its volume density and circulation characteristics are high, so its service life is relatively long. In addition, ternary lithium batteries have been widely used in various passenger vehicles and special vehicles, so ternary lithium batteries can be considered as the leader in rechargeable batteries.