Hunter player: 9.8 Bitcoin plunge DEFI? The miners are the final defense of the currency circle

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  1. The concept of Defi has been hyped for too long, and it seems that I have forgotten my original intention. I don’t want to evaluate whether the current ecology of the currency circle is healthy. I only know that when the water is over the bearing of the barrel, it will overflow. The board will allow the water to flow out of the gap. The dealer is the person who pumps the board, and the retail investor is the water in the barrel. The barrel is not broken. Sure enough, how can I solve my worries about the bitterness of leek and the bitterness of the chives? Only to stop profit.

    The current DEFI project has been affected by Bitcoin's recent plunge. Emotional, each says that the DEFI project is about to mine. Anyway, the layman watches the lively, and it is not his money. We have to look at the doorway. From the recent trend of the big cake, we will fall from the 12,000 highs. At 2200, is this the first time to see? You can cheat new leeks, do the old leeks have experienced less? I have always said that history will only be similar, and it will not be completely repeated. Take the 9.4 incident three years ago to judge the current trend. Such people are not stupid or bad. What attitude and policy is the external currency circle three years ago. now what? Chengdu Mine has become the government's support industry. The Hainan Digital Currency Exchange has opened. The central bank is preparing to issue digital RMB.

    The DEFI project is a good project, but it is doped with many cottage air coins and expects to cut a wave of leeks, but the flaws are not covered. The concept of Defi is the trend of the future currency circle. Everyone who is a famous teacher, you have to intimidate the future trend, so big officials. The big cakes have fallen in place. Don't look at the 9,800 jealousy now. The more you have to hold it at this time, the more he has to hold it. The dealer has been shipped.

    Why do the dealer dare not smash through 9800 and take a lower cost price? You have forgotten the interests of the miners. The dealer in this market can bully leeks, but you definitely dare not provoke the miners. Let's talk to you. According to the current mining machine price and electricity costs, and costs, the price of Bitcoin 9800-9500 is maintained. The lowest price of miners' profits dare to fall below this position, and people sell mining machines in minutes. At that time, the market does not have a fixed output. The dealer also eats a hammer bonus. Now that I have tentatively tested several times, I basically stabilize the position of 9800 to fall, and I do n’t understand the routine. I really do n’t need to play the currency circle.

    9.8 Bitcoin quotation analysis -

    The Bitcoin on the four -hour chart has been inserted in the position of 9800. Without breaking this key support, the form of the decoction of the M double -top pressure has gone, and the next thing is the new round of rebound rising, but before the 10600 is completely broken, the overall low vibration is maintained.

    10000 to do more, damage 9900, target 10200

    9.8 Ethereum market analysis -

    The short -term enters the sideways of the shock, and it is expected to enter the multi -short game stage in the early morning. It will also test the 323 front line. It will never be able to really reverse the trend. Like the big cake, it will fall into a low -level shock. The new Daniel is about to open.

    325-320 to do more, damage 310, the target 350-360

    About the currency circle, in fact, there is neither the technology, nor absolutely there will be absolute The luck, not myths do not degrade. In terms of fairness, analysis only gives you a general idea, and then determine a suitable entry point and stop loss point. The so -called wealthy overnight is just a gimmick. The myth only exists in the legend. I mentioning that you have a certain friend, he is him, you are you, you only look at the thief to eat meat, you do n’t see the thief beating, what do you think of you? Welcome to share your experience below, randomly extract three, and come with a set of risk control solutions.
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