1 thought on “Is the text version of it legal?”

  1. The text is legal. The text version is a new system platform after the transformation of the blockchain technology of the cultural property trading of Shenzhen Cultural Property Rights. Blockchain intelligent contracts and distributed storage information to realize cultural assets all nodes storage, ensure the orderly, irreversible flow of cultural assets, and cannot be tampered with.
    The platform functions include:
    1. Asset confirmation information on the chain: Create a trusted ledger through blockchain technology to achieve the confirmation and traceability of copyright assets to solve the artwork of long -term development of the industry The problem of credit reporting;
    2, the circulation on the chain of assets: By deploying smart contracts, the project party issued the corresponding version of the version of the assets to complete the combination of assets and version of the blockchain technology.
    S social significance is to realize cultural assets on the chain through blockchain technology, greatly promote the credit of cultural assets, improve the information of the supply side with consumers, and promote the consumption of financing and cultural industries of my country’s cultural enterprises.
    “The Promotion Law of the Cultural Industry of the People’s Republic of China” Article 30 [State -owned Enterprise and State -owned Assets] State -owned cultural enterprises should be based on the main business, consolidate and develop content production advantages and spread the main channel advantages of the main channel, and give full play to the leading and leading leadership of the development of the cultural industry. effect.
    Ifs to establish and improve the state -owned cultural asset management system of asset -oriented asset -oriented asset management, improve the comprehensive assessment and evaluation mechanism of state -owned cultural enterprises’ social and economic benefits, establish a system of linking the results of assessment results and salary distribution, and improve state -owned state -owned state -owned The efficiency of cultural assets ensures the safety and integrity of state -owned cultural assets.
    33 [Support for land use] The people’s governments at or above the county level shall incorporate the land and space planning of cultural industry in accordance with the needs of the cultural industry to effectively ensure the needs of cultural industrial facilities and project land.
    If countries encourage the use of idle facilities and revitalize existing construction land to develop cultural industries.
    The competent authority of the State Council shall improve the type of cultural facilities, increase the requirements for compound use of construction land, and ensure the development of the cultural industry.