1 thought on “How to draw a puppy who patted his hands”

  1. 1. Draft: You can draw a pencil draft first, take a picture to pass it on the computer, because I have been a long time, and the hand -painted draft can not be found. I will not post it here.
    2, paving color: As shown in the figure, use the pen -shaped tool to first hook the previous hand -painted draft, and fill the color according to several large layouts. The effect is as shown below.
    3, bright and dark relationship: I take the head as an example. I first assume a light and shadow direction, and use the gradient to distinguish the bright and dark relationship. For example, the light source is on the front of the face, and then it is dark on the top.
    4, clear and dark drawing: fine and dark turning in the head, and try to express the turning point of each position as clearly as much as possible. Some irregular turning faces usually use the pen to hook the shape first, and then Gauss blurred.
    5, reflective: Now the head is still posted on the desktop, plus reflective, the head becomes three -dimensional.
    6, eyes: The structure of the eyes is relatively complicated, components include: orbital, white eyes, black eyes, pupils, reflection, highlights, etc.
    7, mouth nose: first hook out the shape with a pen and fill the color.
    8, add details: add the small accessories of the brows, the hair, and the hair will be delicate immediately.
    9, trunk limbs: The body painting method is the same as the head, first draw light and dark before making details.
    10, global integration: basically complete, then look at it as a whole, make adjustments.