What do we need to pay attention to when choosing the triode model

Bipolar triode and nxp are common electronic components. Due to its wide range of applications, there are a variety of brands and models on the market, facing the hybrid transistor market. How should we choose the transistor model?

A triode consists of three electrodes, a tube core and a tube shell. There are two types of bipolar triodes commonly used on the market: silicon flat tube and germanium alloy tube, each with PNP type and NPN type.

The triode has two functions of amplifying and switching in the circuit. At the moment, it's mainly used as a switch in our circuits. When choosing a triode model, the following points should be considered: parameters, packaging, performance (low voltage loss, low impedance, elevated magnification, high switching efficiency), etc.

Parameters, the transistor involves a lot of parameters, need to pay attention to the parameters are Vceo, Ic(av), etc.; ​in terms of packaging, because the transistor packaging is developing towards miniaturization and table sticking, in the selection, the quality of the package can be judged according to the proportion between the chip area and the package area. On the basis of parameters meeting the technical requirements, the triode with tiny package can be selected as much as possible.

​Thus the above is the selection of transistor type when we need to pay attention to what related content, if necessary, please contact us.