4 thoughts on “I am a makeup artist, I want to find a group of makeup artists.”

  1. The night market hasn't made too much before, just two or three thousand, the temptation is too big, don't go. You can run the wedding first, do the makeup, the price is low, and someone invites you. When you do the makeup, find the work of the studio. Now the studio rarely recruit makeup artists, there are many assistants, the assistant is tired, hard and money, and you can only boil slowly. If you have a good skin, you can go to the makeup counter of the mall to touch your luck. You can make a good job in selling cosmetics. Generally, it is also difficult to get closer. It is best to have people you know. If you have capital, you can open a studio to make makeup and make a head.
    The words of the group are boring. Everyone does not know what to do. You can only talk about it. You still go out and run, don’t be afraid of shame, work will not come to your house to find you

  2. QQ group 33396208 This is a group of makeup styles. There are recruitment delivery every day, but it is Hubei handedment!
    I used to be a makeup artist. I think the night people are really not a good choice. Go to the studio, but starting
    is a bit difficult! It will be good when you survive it `` `` I wish you good luck `` Come on!