How much does it cost to buy three golds? Is 10,000 enough? At present, it is a bit tight at hand

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  1. Buying three golds in marriage has various prices, depending on your own economic situation. There are three types of economic budgets: less than 10,000 yuan, 10,000 yuan to 15,000, more than 15 or more.
    The budget 1: less than 10,000 yuan.
    Ifging of three gold is the most common in gold. The gold ring can choose about 4-6 grams, the gold necklace is about 10-15 grams, and the gold earrings are about 3-5 grams. In this way, the three gold grams of three gold weigh is about 20 grams. According to the calculation of 300 yuan per gram of gold jewelry, it takes about 6,000 yuan to get the three gold. How much is platinum and K gold marrying three gold.
    budget 2: 10,000 yuan to 15,000.
    The gold ring can choose about 4-6 grams, the gold necklace is about 15-20 grams, the gold earrings are about 3-5 grams, and the gold bracelet is about 10 grams-15 grams. The three gold in this budget price is moderate and more suitable for usual.
    The budget 3: 15 or more.
    The economic conditions are good, and those with high budgets for marriages are high. You can choose more other ornaments. If you prefer jewelry, you can buy some jewelry that is large and suitable for collection.
    Extension information:
    color gifts:

    "Marriage Law" in 1950, 1980 and "Marriage Law" after 2001, no regulations on marriage contracts and gifts. It also stipulates the content of the prohibition of marriages and prohibition of marriage to obtain property. However, there are still many places in my country still have engagement as a pre -procedure for marriage, which is You Sheng in the countryside.
    Moly improved with the development of the economy and the improvement of living standards, the gifts of engagement are also increasing, as small as gold and silver jewelry, as large as tens of thousands of yuan in cash, cars, housing, etc. Once the two parties fail to conclude a marriage, the disposal of Cai Li's money often causes disputes, and the number of cases in the court also gradually increase.
    It, according to the different customs and habits of various places, the number of lottery money is also different. Therefore, there is no relatively clear digital regulation.
    Cai gift market:
    Due to the increasingly developed national economy and the continuous rise in living conditions, it is meaningless to give away the real thing, so it is converted to gift cash. Take Shanghai as an example in 2012. Ordinary friends: one person participates in 500 yuan, one family participation (three people) 800 yuan, relatives: one person participated in 800, one family participated (three people) 1,000 yuan, to friends: one person participated 1,000 yuan, one family participated (one family participated (one family participated (one family participated (one family participated ( Three people) 1500 yuan. This is the latest market.
    Reference information Source: Baidu Encyclopedia-Caica Money

  2. How much does it cost to buy three golds and how much does it cost to get married? This incident sees the wisdom and wisdom. There are a thousand Hamlet in the hearts of a thousand readers. Everyone's aesthetic look is different, so there will be thousands of answers in such questions. Here I will talk about my point. " R." R. nIs can see the beautiful bride in our children's eyes and the handsome groom. The wedding dresses of the bride also want to wear clothes because they feel very beautiful and beautiful. But in the world of adults, it may be possible There is no such beauty like children. Holding a wedding is really a cumbersome thing, even more of marriage. First of all, after two people fall in love, they feel that they can see the parents of both parties. The next step is to get married and receive a certificate. Marriage is different in different places. Basically, in China, boys give girls a gift for girls. Because the gifts are different per hour, they are not the same.
    It is a gold ring, gold necklace, and gold earrings. Of course, they have a certain truth. We all know that they need to get a wedding ring when they get married. The three golds just include the gold ring. Love a person. Gold necklace, wearing it on the neck is a place closer to the heart, let him only love you alone.
    but it is more expensive for these things, because gold is more expensive. 1 gram. Gold is 469 yuan, so Sanjin is also more expensive. So the wedding costs more money? Partners and elders who have a banquet at the wedding need to invite them to dinner. These are all about spending. How much money is, I think there will be different money depending on family strength.
    It is how much does it cost to buy three gold and how much money does it cost? If you are not mature, you want to criticize the Rainbow without experiencing the wind and rain.

  3. First of all, it depends on taking Sanjin. When we get married, the three golds are gold necklaces gold earrings and gold rings, 12 grams of necklaces, 4 grams of the end, 4 grams of earrings, and seven or eight thousand. If the marriage is a man, first of all, the down payment is 300,000 for the fourth -tier cities, the decoration is 200,000, the gift is 100,000, the banquet wedding is 40,000, and generally 600,000.

  4. Enough, I bought the necklaces, bracelets, pendants, earrings and earrings less than 6,000, and then bought a diamond ring that was less than 3,000 after Zhou Dasheng. I bought a fast watch in the next thousand, and I don’t need to buy too much.

  5. The money for buying Sanjin is affected by factors such as Sanjin's grams, price and other factors. Marriage should be prepared for colorful gifts, red envelopes, etc., the customs and habits of various places are different, and the money spent on marriage is also different.