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  1. enough. Three golds are most common in gold. The gold ring can choose about 4-6 grams, the gold necklace is about 10-15 grams, and the gold earrings are about 3-5 grams. In this way, the three gold grams of three gold weigh is about 20 grams. According to the calculation of 300 yuan per gram of gold jewelry, it takes about 6,000 yuan to get the three gold. How much is platinum and K gold marrying three gold.
    budget 2: 10,000 yuan to 15,000.
    The gold ring can choose about 4-6 grams, the gold necklace is about 15-20 grams, the gold earrings are about 3-5 grams, and the gold bracelet is about 10 grams-15 grams. The three gold in this budget price is moderate and more suitable for usual.
    The budget 3: 15 or more.
    The economic conditions are good, and those with high budgets for marriages are high. You can choose more other ornaments. If you prefer jewelry, you can buy some jewelry that is large and suitable for collection.
    Extension information:
    Cai gift quotation:
    It because of the increasingly developed national economy and the continuous rise in living conditions, it is meaningless to give away the real thing. Take Shanghai as an example in 2012. Ordinary friends: one person participates in 500 yuan, one family participation (three people) 800 yuan, relatives: one person participated in 800, one family participated (three people) 1,000 yuan, to friends: one person participated 1,000 yuan, one family participated (one family participated (one family participated (one family participated (one family participated ( Three people) 1500 yuan. This is the latest market.
    The nature:
    The "Marriage Law" after the 1950s, 1980 "Marriage Law" and the revised marriage in 2001 have not stipulated the marriage contract and gifts, and all stipulate the prohibition of buying and selling marriages and prohibition of marriage. Consume the content of the property.
    but currently there are still many places in our country to take the engagement as a pre -procedure for marriage, which is You Sheng in the countryside. With the development of economic development and the improvement of living standards, the gift of engagement is also increasing, as small as gold and silver jewelry, as large as tens of thousands of yuan in cash, cars, housing, etc. Once the two parties fail to conclude a marriage, the disposal of Cai Li's money often causes disputes, and the number of cases in the court also gradually increase.
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  2. According to the current market price, 10,000 is estimated to buy about 30 grams. The minimum pendant can reach 3 grams. The minimum women's necklace can be around 5 grams. Men's ring can be around 20 grams.