Here are 7 facts you'll come to understand as you run

Sometimes there are scenery that you would never see if you stayed at home. Some feelings, if you don't experience them yourself, you'll never know them.

There are some experiences, some pleasures, some truths and truths that you won't know until you've run them.

Everyone starts running for different reasons, but if you keep running for more than 3, 5, 10, or 20 years, you'll start to learn, understand, and understand the 7 facts of running.

Running is easy, but keeping running is hard

According to one survey, less than 20 percent of 100 runners make it.

Is it difficult to run? Some say it is not difficult, just get out and run; Some people say it's hard, the hard part is sticking to it.

Many first-time runners try to run a marathon but give up after a month when they feel they can't finish. Some people try to lose weight by running, but after two months of running, they don't want to run.

Any good result is the accumulation of time and effort: good shape is the result of daily exercise and disciplined diet management; PB is also accumulated from years of running. If you do not run, you will not be able to experience a lot of hardships.

The most precious and necessary quality for a runner is persistence. Many people give up running when they can't handle it, but for someone who really enjoys running, the daily grind of training is nothing.

Because when you see a little bit of progress, a little bit of improvement, it's worth all the effort and persistence.

Running costs money, but it's the best investment you can make

Many new runners, or non-runners, think running is a cheap way to get out and run with a pair of running shoes, unlike cycling, where you need to buy a car.

However, when you run, you realize that running is a very expensive sport.

Buy all kinds of running gear, such as running shoes (switch between at least two pairs), quick-drying T-shirts, shorts, hats, sunglasses, compression pants, etc.

If it is to participate in the competition, in addition to the registration fee, also need to pay for transportation, accommodation. It's even more expensive to run cross-country or six majors.

If you want to improve your grades, you may need to get a coach and sign up for a training camp, which is not a small expense.

However, this is only money, you have to pay more time and energy, which can not be measured in terms of money.

Running costs you a lot of money every year, but it's a very worthwhile investment. How long has it been since you've been running without a cold, a shot, or a trip to the hospital?

When your peers are troubled by the three high, you can have a trip to go. A healthy body is man's greatest wealth.

There is a saying: one day you are brilliant, must have a good body, to enjoy life; One day you are down and out, or to have a good body, to stage a comeback. Therefore, health is not the first, but the only.

Running doesn't always lead to weight loss

I once had a friend who wanted to lose weight. Many people told him running was the most effective way to lose weight, so he started running every day. After two months, he had lost only one kilogram.

Why does this happen?

Because most people think that running is the exercise of consuming fat, as long as you go running, fat will be less, weight will drop. However, if you only run and don't control your diet, you will never lose weight.

Weight loss is mainly two factors, one is consumption, the other is intake, running is a consumption factor, diet is a factor of intake.

And diet has a far bigger impact on weight loss than running. If you eat too much every day, do not avoid food, eat snacks every day, eat too much, then even if you run to exhaustion, you are difficult to lose weight success.

If you want to lose weight successfully, you have to keep your mouth shut. Only by learning self-discipline will you go further.

Here are 7 facts you'll come to understand as you run04
Running makes you less sick, but with injuries

Running does make your body healthier and, to a certain extent, keeps illness at bay.

But little do they know, after running, the disease is gone, the injury comes. If you don't run correctly, you can cause injuries to the iliotibial band and meniscus. Once you overexercise, plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendinitis will never let you go; If you don't prepare well enough, you get on the court and cramps and side irritations follow.

It's not the running's fault. Because sports and injuries are inseparable, as long as it is sports, there will be sports injuries. Sports can be strong, but the premise is that you have to learn scientific sports.

For example, mastering certain running techniques, warming up before running, stretching after running, training without injury, not always carrying out speed training, controlling the amount of running within a reasonable range, often carrying out strength training, strengthening the weakest part of the body.

If you have an injury, see your doctor, get some rest, and learn how to deal with running injuries if necessary. Wait until the injury recovery, start running again must be gradual, according to the ability.

Some people are born fast, but diligence is more important than talent

Have you ever known a runner who can run for more than half a year and hit 330 hours on his or her first horse? Some people just can't do that.

Why is that? For example, xiaobian has interviewed several great gods who have broken 3. They were all born in mountainous areas of Guizhou province. They have climbed mountains and walked a long way to go to school since childhood. Running soon, the first horse can run 330, maybe this is in many people's eyes "talent".

However, you can't stop practicing just because your talent is not high. If you don't practice, you will never get close to it. Many elite runners will say something like, "I'm not very talented, I'm just hard-working." Just look at the five or six hundred miles they run every month.

There is a saying in Japanese running circles: talent has a ceiling, but hard work has no ceiling.

Therefore, it is not by talent that ordinary people want to become great gods, but by perseverance and self-discipline day after day, by the right method and the determination not to give up.

True runners know how to balance running, work and life

Many runners spend less time with their families because they train every day or travel to races. Maybe your behavior stems from a love of running, persistence and persistence.

But when it comes to balancing family, work and running, you're a real runner.

What was the original purpose of running?

Is to let oneself appear in front of parents in a healthy attitude, let parents rest assured;

In order to have the physical strength and figure of peers, even when they are old, they can still accompany their children to grow up healthily, so that the precious parent-child time is prolonged;

It is to get rid of the wobbly life after retirement and make life more exciting by traveling around the world and eating delicious food with your lover.

It's life and running, not running with life. Besides running, there are lots of fun and fun things to do in life for you and me. And running, just a flavoring agent in life, a small episode.

Running every day may not be self-disciplined, because it's addictive

Many non-runners think that some runners are so good that they run four or five times a week, or even every day, that they are too disciplined. They don't know it, but these people are just addicted to running.

Scientifically speaking, running releases dopamine and endorphins that make you feel good, also known as a "running high.

But many people stop running before they have run more than a few kilometers, feeling too tired to experience the pleasure of running.

However, some people have found that the day without running is boring, always shortcomings of what, always want to go out to run, a day does not run the whole body uncomfortable, two days do not run head pain, three days do not run feel useless, the whole person is not good.

When you do the first 10km, you start thinking about half a horse, and after half a horse you start thinking about the next step, I can do the whole horse... The running pit is getting deeper and deeper

Why are many people keen on running or marathons? Because when you break through that wall of physical limitations, you get a thrill you've never had before. If you don't keep running, it's an addiction you can't even imagine.

Are you addicted to running?