Tennis world's latest rankings out! Mei total hegemony dena three - four, Zhang Shuai regained China's first sister

Beijing time on June 20, ATP and WTA official website announced the latest edition of the world rankings. In men's singles, Medvedev continues to top the list, with Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal still occupying three quarters. There was only one change in the top 10, with Hurkac replacing Beretini at number 10. In women's singles, the top 10 players fluctuated slightly. In China, Zhang Shuai regained her position as China's no.1 after finishing second in Birmingham and moving up to 41st place.

On the men's side, there aren't many top 10 players. World no. 1 Dmitri Medvedev was beaten 2-0 by Hurkacs at halle grass and was once again runner-up. But that hasn't stopped him from continuing to hold onto the no. 1 spot and pulling away from the players behind him. Zverev Jr., Djol and Nadal are still ranked 2-4 respectively. Rood, Sissipas and Alcalas did not compete and continue to be ranked 5-7. Lublev and Aliasim were ninth and tenth.

Tennis world's latest rankings out! Mei total hegemony dena three - four, Zhang Shuai regained China's first sisterHulkac of Poland beat the world number one to win the 500 and move up to 10th in the standings. Beretini dropped to 11th. Australian bad boy kyrgios, who has had a brilliant season on grass after reaching the semi-finals of halle, returned to the TOP50 in 47th place. Among the Chinese athletes, Zhang Zhizhen ranked 282, Wu Yibing 326, Shang Juncheng 388 and Buyunchaokt 446.

In women's singles, there was no change in the top 10 players, but there was a slight change in the rankings. Swatek continued his clean sweep, Kontaveit ranked second, Kareem abdul-Jabbar passed Bardoza to third and Sakari overtook Sabalenka to fifth. Pliskova continues at no. 7, Collins leapfrogged Pegula at No. 8, and Muguruza continues at No. 10.

On the Chinese side, Zhang Shuai was runner-up in Birmingham and scored 180 points, moving up 13 places to 41st and returning to the top spot in China. Zheng qinwen lost on grass and dropped seven places to 53rd. Wang xinyu rose five places to no. 71. Zhu Lin ranked 98th, Wang Xiyu 104th and Wang Qiang 144th.