Call badminton the "King of Sports"

Tell you with the data, called badminton "king of sports", that is absolutely worthy!

Many people think that badminton is a kind of sport with little intensity, but in fact, in racket sports, badminton exercise intensity is the largest, according to statistics, the heart rate of high-intensity badminton athletes can reach 160-180 times per minute, the heart rate of medium-intensity badminton athletes can reach 140-150 times per minute, and the heart rate of low-intensity sports can also reach 100-130 times per minute.

So although badminton is suitable for all ages, sexes, but personally exercise must be based on age, physical condition, activity levels and the characteristics of the site environment, badminton of exercise for a long time, can make the heart stronger and powerful, vital capacity increased, at the same time, it is also a combination of aerobic and anaerobic exercise (aerobic than anaerobic), A evenly matched badminton match will make an athlete's weight drop about 2 kg on average, the physical consumption of the can be imagined.

In a word, it is definitely worthy to call badminton "the king of sports".

Statistics tell you how good professional badminton players are:

According to incomplete statistics, there are more than 30 kinds of common ball games in the world, and there are 11 kinds of ball games in The Beijing Olympic Games alone. However, I believe few people know that in the same period of time, in the most top competition, badminton sports energy consumption is amazing, compared with foot basket and volleyball, tennis and so on.

Call badminton the "King of Sports"

Badminton competition time is less than half of the tennis player, but running distance is two times as much, also is almost twice the number, it must be of special note is, tennis a lot larger than badminton venue, but the running distance more badminton players, because tennis player is usually near the bottom line running back and forth, Internet opportunity is less, and badminton, The players darted all over the field.

The average Chinese Super League player currently runs 7,000 meters. In a game where both sides score more than 100 points, the average running distance of players in NBA is about 3500 meters, so it can be seen that badminton has been on par with football in running distance.

More than 300 position changes, fastest serving speed:

According to statistics, badminton players make more than 300 body position changes of more than 90 degrees in a 45-minute match.

The current tennis service speed world record for the United States cannon Roddick 225 km/h; The current record is 343 km/h held by Fu Haifeng of China.

Doubles is more physical:

Compared to singles, badminton doubles moves faster and hits harder. In doubles, the number of shots required in a 20-second period is 15. That is, in a 45-minute match, two players can hit 2,025 shots and each player can hit more than 1,000 shots.

Suppose that 50 percent of the total number of shots required power shots, and at the end of a game each player had hit more than 500 power shots, each at a speed of more than 289 kilometers per hour.

80% of the time in shifts and kicks:

Table tennis, tennis and other players do not need to jump; Although volleyball basketball needs a lot of jumping, but the running distance is very limited; 80% of the time, while the badminton competition, the athletes doing stop a sharp turn, fast speed and variable motion, but also in the field of mobile shot a push to the frequent beating, beating the pedal as though compared with smaller margins for basketball and volleyball players and highly requirement is a bit low, but the execution of the dive speed requirements higher than the latter.

This forms the action structure characteristics of badminton's lower limb bounce: the range of knee joint force is relatively small, but the rapid explosive force of ankle joint is required to be high.

In a singles game, players hit the ball the number of times in hundreds of times more commonly, and the speed of the ball in tennis is almost the fastest serve or the fastest to throw the ball in baseball league two times, 100 times or more shots, needs a swing arm, which greatly exceeds the handwaving number in the baseball league.