Do you know what are moderate to low intensity aerobic exercises?

The heart rate of low intensity aerobic exercise is roughly in 90~140 times/min (55% to 70% of the maximum heart rate value) within the range, such as: walking, jogging, slow swimming, cycling, climbing hills, fitness dance, yoga, playing table tennis, tai chi martial arts and so on.

In low intensity aerobic exercise, it refers to the movement rich in rhythm, in the process of exercise, oxygen can be fully provided, without lactic acid reaction, action is not too violent, physical strength does not overdraw, exercise heart rate is not very high, the body bears good sex. Generally speaking, low intensity aerobic exercise, can last more than 30 minutes of exercise time is not too tired.

Sports that fit these characteristics include:

1. Walking

This kind of exercise includes walking, fast walking or hiking, etc., physical effort is small, exercise relaxation, heart rate in 90~120 times/min. Walking improves the function of the nervous and digestive systems.

2. Jog

Jogging refers to the kind of slow running under the non-competitive state, which can last for a long time. The breathing and heartbeat are not urgent, the physical pressure is not big, and the heart rate is below 130 times/min. Jogging mainly exercises cardiopulmonary function and endurance.

3. Slow swimming

It refers to swimming at a slower speed, especially in the more relaxed posture of breaststroke and backstroke. The heart rate can be about 130 times/min without breathing or fatigue. Swimming can mainly exercise the heart and lung function, especially improve lung capacity.

4. Cycling

It refers to the cycling exercise in the field, pedaling at medium speed, the exercise intensity is not high, it can better participate in the aerobic fat burning, the heart rate can generally be in the range of 110~130 times/min, mainly can improve the cardiopulmonary function and leg endurance.

Do you know what are moderate to low intensity aerobic exercises?5. Climb hills

Hill climbing refers to the kind of hill that can reach the top of the mountain at a moderate speed in 20 to 30 minutes. The process center rate can reach 140 times/min, mainly to exercise cardiopulmonary function and leg strength.

6. Fitness dancing

This kind includes the calisthenics of low intensity, broadcast, basically do whole body motion through body movement, heart rate is in 110~130 / cent range commonly, the agility that can exercise the body and coordinate ability, also exercise cardiopulmonary function likewise.

7. Yoga

This kind is not only yoga, there are exercises such as Pilates, its movements are slow or relatively static, the heart rate is more than 80~100 times/minute. Mainly through the training of inner spirit and external body movements to achieve physical and mental health, can improve the control of core strength, flexibility, body posture and balance ability.

Table tennis

Here refers to the table tennis sport is ordinary playing practice, rather than fierce competitive events, playing action although very fast, but the exercise intensity, low load, small pressure on the body, heart rate is more than 90~120 times/minute. It can exercise nervous system function and enhance eyes, sensitivity, agility and coordination.

The martial art of Tai Chi

Tai Chi martial arts includes tai Chi, Tai Chi sword and other martial arts routine exercises. The movements are relaxed, the heart is calm and steady, the exercise is not intense, the heart rate is generally not more than 120 times/min, long-term exercise can benefit the function of the nervous and digestive system, improve physical fitness.