How to run, ability runs lasting, not tired?

Do you like running? Running is recognized as a body-building exercise. Long-term persistence of running can improve lung capacity, strengthen immunity, activate body muscle group, eliminate various sub-health diseases, improve metabolism, promote the decline of body fat rate, make you find a better state and slow down the attack of aging.

However, many people start running for less than 10 minutes before they are short of breath and can't continue. Many people choose to run, but not many people stick to it for a long time.

So, how to run not tired, run more lasting?

In fact, running is also to pay attention to the method, blind running is not easy to adhere to down. And the wrong running posture will also harm the knee joint, resulting in the fitness of the body, which is not desirable.

How to run, ability runs lasting, not tired?Correct running form should pay attention to these points:

1. Prepare a pair of comfortable sports shoes and sports clothes before running.

2, do not run on an empty stomach, do not run immediately after dinner, 1.5 hours after dinner and then start running.

3, when running to straight back, do not have a chest hunchback, hands with the swing up, maintain the frequency of 2 steps a breath 2 steps a breath.

4, when running, do not lift your legs too high, keep the ball of your foot on the ground, to slow down the joint pressure.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind if you want to run longer and get tired less easily:

1. Choose a running program that works for you

Before running, we need to customize a reasonable goal for ourselves, such as how many kilometers we run and how long it takes. For beginners, the first running distance should be 3-5 kilometers.

Running should be based on jogging, rather than fighting speed with others, fast running belongs to anaerobic movement, is not sustainable to adhere to the movement, easy to thick leg, you see sprinters legs know.

Jogging, on the other hand, is a great way to burn fat and slim your legs, just look at marathon runners' legs. To increase endurance, aim to run at 7-9 km/h, just 30 to 40 minutes per run.

2. Change your running style regularly

If you're aiming for 4km a day when you start running, you can increase it to 5km by the second month, as your stamina improves and your athleticism improves after the first month of running.

Instead of putting your body in your comfort zone, try to increase your mileage, or incorporate some fast runs into your jogging routine and go into interval mode, which will push you beyond your limits.

In addition, we can also try different running areas, such as hill runs and beach runs, which can increase the difficulty of running, so that you can improve your coordination and adaptability, so that you can easily handle all kinds of running.

3. Run while listening to music

When running, we can put on headphones and listen to music while running to divert our attention from running. In this way, time will pass unconsciously, making you run longer and helping you break through your physical limits.