Stainless steel products sheet metal and surface processing what should be paid attention to?

Stainless steel processing refers to the stainless steel with stainless steel properties for cutting, folding, bending, welding and other mechanical processing and plating, sandblasting, mirror surface treatment, get the production of stainless steel products required by the process of products.

In the field of decoration, stainless steel processing products are often used to one of the materials, in the use of stainless steel decoration before the first have to process the surface of stainless steel. So what are the processing points of stainless steel surface treatment?

Choose the blanking

Different stainless steel workpiece will enter the corresponding process according to the processing requirements. Secondly, bending should be determined according to the size of the drawing and the thickness of stainless steel material bending tool and knife slot. The key to selecting the upper die is to prevent deformation caused by the collision between the material and the tool, which is determined according to the thickness of the stainless steel plate.

Pretreatment of surface

When the workpiece needs spraying after assembly, the conductive hole and other parts of the tooth hole should be protected. Soft glue rod or screw can be inserted into the tooth hole.

Spraying assembly

Before assembly, the protective stickers used in the original stainless steel spraying should be removed to ensure that no paint or powder is sprayed in the inner thread holes of the parts. Before packaging, the bubble film should be cut into a large size that can be used for packaging the workpiece, so as not to packaging one side, affect the processing speed; After packaging, you can customize a large number of stainless steel special cartons or bubble bags, rubber pads, trays, wooden cases, etc., put them into the carton, and then stick the labels of finished products or semi-finished products on the carton.

8fc407e56e0f8c888abacda263e15237The main application scope of stainless steel materials for Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication:

The construction industry

Because the surface is smooth and not easy to scale, it is often used as a guarantee or some residential facilities.

The elevator decoration

Stainless steel plate is the most commonly used elevator decoration material. Although the fingerprints on the surface can be erased, they will affect the appearance. Therefore, it is best to choose the appropriate surface anti-fingerprint treatment.

The food kitchen

Stainless steel is also used in food processing, catering, brewing, and chemical materials.

In public places

In public places, such as decorations or public facilities, an important feature of stainless steel is wear resistance and easy cleaning, which is a significant feature of stainless steel over aluminum.

The surface, shape and properties obtained by post-treatment on the basis of the original shape of stainless steel are suitable for industrial stainless steel products. For example: commonly used processing plate, cutting, and then surface treatment, wire drawing, sandblasting, sanding, mirror, color plating, coating.

Stainless steel products processing, including laser, bending, welding, slotting, grinding, polishing, etc., through a number of processing procedures to obtain the final shape of stainless steel products. The common stainless steel products processing on the market are designed according to the needs of customers, or according to the sample or drawing requirements provided by users for production and processing.