When we buy kitchen appliances, we will find that the propaganda slogan of kitchen appliances is endless.

Especially now under the slogan of "concept" Kitchen Appliances, especially many. However, often a lot of just gimmicks, bought after became chicken ribs, really good not much.


-Serena: A thermostatic kettle

Thermostatic kettle, from the beginning is the concept of constant temperature. It doesn't feel very useful, but it's not expensive either.

So I bought one, tried it out, and found it very useful.

The more common constant temperature water kettle can basically realize the constant temperature of multiple temperatures. So if you have 40 degrees Celsius, 50 degrees Celsius, 60 degrees Celsius, 80 degrees Celsius, 90 degrees Celsius, or even 100 degrees Celsius.

And thermostatic kettles produce water very quickly. For example, if we set it to 50℃, it will produce hot water in about 15 seconds.

The temperature of the kettle, after we set it, can basically be maintained continuously. ​really achieved a constant temperature, no need to wait.

Like we have children at home, or like to drink warm water with friends in the morning, it is really very practical.

For example, we can have a thermostatic kettle with a capacity of 1500ml~2000ml at home, which is basically enough for our family of three.

: Electric pressure cooker

For example, the traditional steamed rice tool in our kitchen is nothing more than a rice cooker.

However, now you will find a new concept of the product, that is the electric pressure cooker. What's more, electric pressure cookers are replacing rice cookers at a fast rate.

So I also bought an electric pressure cooker. After using it, the more it is used, the better it is.

Electric pressure cooker, the first feeling is safe, do not worry about the previous pressure cooker problems. The other thing is that it's really feature-rich. ​It can be steamed, can be boiled, can be stuffy, can be boiled, can do a lot of food.

dbb2a22534cf1f8b18ea1bab59be4b98It can be said that the electric pressure cooker is a combination of the advantages of pressure cooker, rice cooker, braised pot and steamer. It covers all cooking styles and food categories.

Like our traditional rice cooker, it can only be used for steamed rice and steamed porridge. For others, like fish, shrimp, soup is very difficult.

Another important point is that the taste of rice is significantly better than that of traditional rice cookers.

Most electric pressure cookers these days have two tanks. ​can achieve different food preparation, and avoid mixed flavors.

Therefore, the concept of electric pressure cooker is really worth considering. Like our ordinary family choosing a 5L electric pressure cooker, the price is not expensive, very practical.

All-in-one steam and roast machine

Kitchen appliances, generally inseparable from the microwave oven, steam oven.

In the past, when we bought these kitchen appliances, we basically bought them separately. For example, many families have a microwave oven and an oven. There is also a steamer box if there is a separate steamer box.

In fact, you will also find that if you buy the microwave oven, steamer box, oven separately, it will not fit in our kitchen, and it is very troublesome to use.

So a new concept product, the micro steam roast machine appeared.

Of course, the household is also running the concept of a micro steam baking machine.

What I chose at that time was an embedded micro-steaming and baking machine. At that time, I was worried that it would be difficult to use because of too many functions, but after using it, I liked it more and more.

Like my home micro steam baking machine, with steam cooking, frequency conversion microwave, one-sided barbecue, automatic cooking, dual power baking, steam baking, baking, fermentation and so on. And there's a menu for that. Let me know this can not be used in the hand.

From the overall use of feeling, the micro steam baking machine is really a concept home appliance that is worth our start.

Meet: Storage function dishwasher

Dishwashers, everyone is no stranger.

When the family is DECORATED now, a great majority of friends can consider dishwashers.

Because dishwashers free our hands. So every day after the meal, do not have to wash the dishes, save time and worry.

In dishwashers, another kind is the dishwasher with storage function. I was working on the concept, and I bought one.

Because of the fear that after washing dishes, I forget to take them out, so I especially chose a dishwasher with storage function.

At the time, it was more expensive to buy a dishwasher with storage than a regular dishwasher. But you don't have to take it out right after you wash it. It was so easy that I bought one.

In the subsequent use, we did not expect it to be so easy to use.

Traditional dishwashers, with no storage, have to be taken out immediately after washing. Otherwise, a long time may have a moldy taste.

Dishwasher with storage function, due to its own drying function. After drying, it can also be automatically replaced with ultraviolet ray sterilization.

After all the above procedures are completed, the dishes can be stored in the dishwasher. It's usually fine for a few days. In fact, this invisible is equivalent to saving a disinfection cabinet.

Note that the storage time of this storage function is not the same for dishwashers.

For example, some can store 72 hours, like the family often cooks. You can choose this. There are also 168 hours of storage. If you don't cook often, you can choose this long storage.

A scheme is taken too soon

The pipeline machine is another kitchen appliance with the concept.

To be honest, when I bought the pipeline machine, I just heard the term, I did not know what it was. It was not until the salesperson explained it to me that I finally chose to buy it.

Of course, we must pay attention to whether the pipeline machine is generally matched with the home water purifier. Because the water used in the pipeline machine is pure water.

After understanding the related problems of the pipeline machine, the power supply and the hole of the pipe are reserved during the decoration. After decoration, directly responsible for on-site installation.

The pipeline machine in use really brought me a lot of surprises.

The first is to drink warm water without waiting. If we drink water at room temperature, we can turn it on to make warm water.

If you drink 50℃ water, after the point is opened, it is basically ten seconds can be 50℃ hot water.

If you drink boiled water, the same point opened after about 30 seconds can be 100℃ hot water.

Moreover, we can adjust the temperature range according to our needs. Of course, just for different specifications of the pipeline machine, the function is not the same.

Like a friend who likes to drink warm boiled water every morning at home, installing a pipeline machine, very practical.

Moreover, the price of the pipeline machine itself is not high, generally a few hundred yuan can be. In addition, when we buy water purifiers, we can also let the manufacturer provide a complimentary pipeline machine.


Most of the "concept" kitchen appliances are gimmicks, but some of them are really useful.