Why is tennis so addictive?

In fact, any kind of exercise can be addictive, but the point of addiction is different, and the time of addiction is also different.

When I played basketball in middle school, I went to the playground with the ball after class. What is the pleasure? The pleasure of scoring goals. When I went to college, I could not score many goals after the physical competition was strengthened.

Why is tennis so addictive

Have a period of time obsessed with skiing, began to peculiar addiction, very anxious on the mountain will not go down, thinking of every day delimit, when double board delimit almost, feel addiction is small a lot of.

In fact, I've played all kinds of sports, baseball, bowling, archery, darts you name it. Tennis was something I stuck with.

First, his.... When you talk with others, you will have special eyes and feel superior. There are many niche sports that despise mass sports for this reason.

Second, I feel he is like table tennis and badminton, real-time feedback is particularly evident, each ball yourself will know the ball is good, or bad, hit the ball really false, step in place or not, will feel that opportunity, obviously, but why more than the other two feel cool, please refer to the first.

Why is tennis so addictive

Third, the technology of his more diversification, refer to the second, every play he found himself in a technology has certain change, or improve the back or not, or stability, and the improvement of the technology for amateur is never-ending, every play, there will be a little higher or decay forehand NB today, backhand and garbage! That was a good one, but the success rate was too low. That's obviously different from the technical feedback that basketball gives me, can't make a shot? Feel bad......... Maybe I don't understand basketball very well.

Fourth, the game felt completely different. Thanks to the rules, every game, no matter how good the opponent was, felt like there was always a chance: this guy missed two goals 30 to 0. No matter how weak the opponent, the feeling is a little hanging: MD two double faults, this game can not kneel. Playing each point of the change, the change of mentality is completely different, such a psychological game is particularly fun. At the same time, have the opportunity to challenge the master, win a round, win two rounds, can have the pleasure of winning. This is not quite the same as badminton and table tennis, sometimes play two balls this game is basically over.

Why is tennis so addictive

Fifthly, there is infinite room for rise. As a single sport, with the improvement of skills, I will jump from one circle to another and from one course to another. Especially for amateurs like me, the grass is always greener on the other side, which is different from team sports.

In fact, of the above 5, which one is the most addictive reason for me? The second and the third.

The sense of real-time feedback, the change in technique, the new experience every time, the new experience every time, which table tennis and badminton can provide. But number four, I can't give you those two terms, so that's the difference.