How to learn tennis?

My personal opinion is this:

1. Choose a good tennis club carefully. Offer according to my friend, the tennis club that Beijing is sung by person has haite, hui Xin fitness, celebrity, dawn fashion to wait a moment, but whether suit oneself, still need to undertake understanding. I believe there must be some people in Zhihu ER in Beijing who are connected with these tennis clubs, so I hope they can introduce more. In addition to good coaches and training partners, good venues, rest and washing facilities, convenient transportation, humanized reservation mechanism, training and service customization are essential for tennis clubs with good conditions.


Personal Experience: WHEN I was in Shenzhen, I accompanied a friend to a tennis club. The transportation is convenient, the reservation mechanism is good, and the training arrangement is reasonable. But the biggest problem lies in that, first of all, there is no female coach. Secondly, the locker room management is chaotic. Get to know each other for 40 minutes and then flatly refuse. A tennis club that can mix up the keys to a locker can’t be trusted.

2. Selection of rackets and other equipment. Based on my personal shopping experience and what my friends are wearing,

Tennis skirt first push NIKE.

Tennis shoes are personal. NIKE, adidas, Asics, Mizuno. There was an Italian brand called Fortei.

Prince and NIKE were first introduced for wristbands. Before, you could choose the size of Prince according to the arm circumference, which was very humanized.

Ankle brace, beginners must wear ankle brace, otherwise running and stop the risk of ankle sprain is very big. I’ve only used LP and NIKE for brand preference.

Sunbonnet has no experience, because the previous experience is indoor field.

Rackets are basically the three most familiar brands in China, Wilson, Head and Prince. First of all, it must be full carbon racquet. I quite agree with someone who said that the three major rackets under 1000 yuan are basically “ordinary”. Generally, buy two rackets, based on the size of the sweet zone (hitting zone) as the standard, one from beginner to skilled, choose a 110 square inch OS racquet face, followed by 96-100 square inch MP racquet face.

Note that a responsible instructor, whether male or female, will have you work on arm and wrist strength, shorten the time you spend using the OS, and further choose the MP and the right line. I don’t know too much about the racket line and the ball, so I won’t mislead you here.

3. Is like

The teacher said, “Tennis is really a movement of the feet.” In fact, tennis is the first to practice the upper and lower limbs. And tennis training without the ball practice, far more boring than basketball, football much more. This is not sensationalism. Football and basketball are fun with the ball and the competition, while tennis is fun with the physical condition. A good coach will develop a no-ball workout plan based on your body and upper and lower body strength to build up your hardware base before picking up the racket and practicing over and over again.

In addition, I mentioned a little reading in foreign friends, good tennis coach is paranoid, because he will be on your action normative almost harsh correction, and will force you to become the habit of physical practice – “cowardice is no use crying in front of a good coach, they work hard will only encourage the students, will not love the opposite sex.” A coach like this will bring you a fortune for life.