What's the experience like playing tennis?

It's a shame that I haven't been able to play multiple shots stably until now, but as a senior three student, I really hope that I can take tennis as a part of the next year's fight.

I had been playing wild against the wall for two years, mimicking Roger Federer, before systematically learning from the coach, so while everyone else was learning to serve like Errani (I don't know if she's changed now), I was able to serve the ball into the zone with a complete serve form, regardless of quality.

What's the experience like playing tennis

But you really can't play wild ball. In the past two years, I accumulated a lot of bad hitting habits, such as falling racket, turning body, the center of gravity is not in place, and the hitting point can not be found, and so far I have no consciousness of closing stance. Although the open and semi-open positions are the inevitable choice after having certain skills, I still want to say that the foundation is the most important, and the closed position is to play steadily, which is necessary to accumulate the sense of the ball. The sense of the ball is everything.

Being a Fan of Federer, the SLR was the natural choice for me. However, unless you have a special obsession with an SLR, it's better to play a double. Because the SLR thing is really hard to use. So far, my SLR can only hit the ball that the coach feeds it, and it's probably not going to work against it. I'm a left-hander, and there are so many irrational moves that a mediocre cross-court forehand could be the end of the round, because I can't hit the ball, the drop is deep, the bounce is really hard, and federer must feel the same way against Nadal.

After learning tennis with the coach for more than a year, my movements have also been improved a lot. Some of the consciousness I did not have is being strengthened and some of the wrong movements have been corrected. By the way, I had a different coach, he was my best friend, but I played double invert all the time because he didn't know SLR

I like tennis, maybe because of my lonely personality. I'm a loner, or a team rejector. I don't like football or basketball, although I can shoot a few with the basketball when I'm free. But I was afraid that I would be a drag. I was always trying to accommodate other people's feelings and lose my place.

Tennis, playing alone, he is everything, he is the protagonist, all the glory and regret are borne by their own, blame no one else, who can not rely on, only their own can rely on, I like to go it alone. Scored each time, each a beautiful back to the ball, is their own creation, sometimes I and manager to pull, a surprise SLR ruler, one with side spin outside a service, had to cut out a short ball slice is also of its own to learn (I), the ball after landing jump directly to the side, the coach was caught off guard. Last week I made my first backhand volley stop and was amazed because I was the first student to volley without learning volley. It's all very exciting to me. It's my own work. The week before last I did the classic chipping to the net and I really felt like Pete Sampras.

What's the experience like playing tennis

That share of joy, that time and time of frustration, only you know, this is your own secret.

That's probably the biggest attraction for me.