What are the essentials of playing tennis?

Tennis is a very difficult game to get started. Be patient at the beginning. Don't think you can do much.

Okay, I'm pretty good if I'm not being modest. The best advice for you is to start off with fewer rallies and more shots. It doesn't matter if the action is not standard, but if the action structure is not bad in general. Don't worry about small problems for the time being.

What are the essentials of playing tennis

Do you know what all ball sports are based on? No matter what the ball is, because it is round, you can't predict its stable motion, anything can happen, you have to do as much as possible contact, familiarize yourself with a ball bounce, spin, landing, and other objective factors. That's how you feel about the ball. This is the root of all technique, and if you get used to it, the foot will know exactly where to position it, how the swing fits, how the power is used. At this point, you will probably have their own feelings when playing the ball.

Wrong movement can be changed adjustment, lack of physical fitness can strengthen practice, but these are you familiar with the "nature" of tennis after things. By the time you do, you'll know how to hit a ball that's far away from you, or how to hit a ball that's out of bounds, or how to hit the ball where you want it to go.

What are the essentials of playing tennis

Don't worry, just like learning English to memorize words is the foundation, is impossible to skip the stage, if there is no certain amount of words, you want to learn more is impossible to achieve. Everyone has different ways to practice, but the basics can't be ignored. If you have a good enough sense of the ball, movement really doesn't matter as much as you think. A little difference doesn't matter.