How to understand tennis?

Some people say that tennis is like a glass of wine, the more you drink the more flavor; Some people say that tennis is like a girlfriend, you treat her well, she will treat you well; Some people say tennis is more like a friend you can stay with until you grow old. And what do you know about tennis?

What tennis has is not just the combination of strength and skill that you see, but also the building of character. Originated in European royalty, tennis has always been a gentleman’s sport. This is reflected in clean clothes, civilized language, polite gestures, cordial greetings, winning without arrogance, losing without impatience, and respect for the court, the ball, the racket and other equipment, do not spit everywhere, do not kick the ball, cherish the racket, keep the racket clean, timely change the handle glue and so on. Skills can be good or bad, and some people may not have good coordination naturally, but the cultivation of gentlemanliness on the court reflects a person’s inner cultivation. If there is no gentlemanliness, it will not be civilized and polite. Even if you play well, others will only say that you are a “tennis ruffian”.

How to understand tennis?

A lot of people play tennis, and everyone has a different understanding of tennis. When I first got into tennis, I felt it was very difficult. I spent almost all my time picking up the ball and couldn’t feel the happiness brought by tennis (except with my girlfriend). Under the guidance of the teacher, I persisted bit by bit. Now I still remember the joy of pulling the ball for the first time, the excitement of serving the ball in the bounds for the first time, the nervousness of playing the game for the first time and the happiness of winning the game for the first time. Behind this progress is the guidance and help from teachers, coaches and students. I remember at that time, due to the lack of venues, we always went to play basketball in the noon break, sweating like rain in the hot sun. Now everything seems to be worth it, tennis not only let me get a healthy and happy life, but also harvest sincere friendship.

The love of a sport should not only be reflected on the court, but also have an understanding of its origin, history, development, etc., and understand why the sport is popular around the world and why it is enduring. By doing so, you not only deepen your understanding of tennis, but also deepen your love for it. Tennis is no longer a dry technical action for you, but a humanistic feeling, a respect for the ancient and great game. Don’t always try to conquer her, but to understand her, respect her, appreciate her health and happiness.

Sometimes we often suffer from injuries and injuries when playing tennis, tennis elbow, knee injury, back pain and so on. However, behind these injuries and injuries are often related to the wrong movement and posture. When we do not master the complete swing technology, we are eager to achieve, playing blindly and blindly. So be in awe of tennis. Don’t think you can just watch a few instructional videos and play. The first time to learn to lay a solid foundation, master the right rhythm, and the right swing track. Don’t be in a hurry, walk slowly in order to go further!