What are the characteristics of tennis?

Nowadays, more and more athletes subvert the traditional concept of “developed limbs”. Participating in sports will not be “simple”, but become better. Halep, for example, received an honorary doctorate from the Western University of Timisoara in Romania. 2018 WTA world No. 1 at the end of the year, with a PhD plus, such a cow Halep let people envy ah!

Have you ever noticed that many leaders in the world are skilled in sports? Some are varsity athletes, some are professional athletes. The leaders of our country also attach great importance to sports. Nowadays, brilliant achievements have been made in competitive sports, and nationwide fitness activities have been widely carried out. It can be seen that sports have a great influence on people. Every sport has its own special features. What are the characteristics of tennis?

First, exercise attention

Tennis is a gentleman’s sport and a high-intensity sport, requiring players to make quick decisions and return the ball quickly to the opponent. Especially when volleying in front of the net, the ball is fast, there is no preparation time, and the basic reaction depends on instinct, which requires the brain to make judgment in a moment and cut the tennis ball back to the other side of the court. Therefore, a high level of concentration is required, concentrating on the direction the ball is coming from.

What are the characteristics of tennis?

Keep in good shape

Tennis is a full-body aerobic exercise, can stimulate the body fat burning in all parts. Someone has made statistics, in a tennis match with a considerable level of exercise, the distance of the athletes run about 5,000 meters, and some even reach 10,000 meters, no less than a fierce football match. Therefore, tennis players need to have good qualities in terms of strength, speed, endurance, flexibility and agility.

Third, cultivate gentlemanly manners

Tennis originated in France. Because it was originally a royal aristocratic entertainment game in the French palace, coupled with the tennis match in both the athletes and the audience are very particular about civilization, with gentleman demeanor, therefore, tennis is called “aristocratic sport”.

But where there is competition, there is winning and losing, and the losing team has to learn to control their emotions. The man we know as an irascible wrestler in his youth is now a calm player who rarely shows his anger. It goes hand in hand with his years of playing tennis. Regular tennis training helps you to be a gentleman.

Four, expand the circle of friends

After contact tennis, you will find that tennis skills gradually improve, some of the former ball friends can not resist your fierce attack. You need to find better tennis players to play with. Seriously, you might get a bad start. But playing with good players is a way to improve your game. Maybe your less-than-standard stroke is the key to scoring. Plus, a sunny outdoor tennis court is a great place to make friends.