Is tennis an aerobic or anaerobic exercise?

Is tennis, an elegant sport with a history of over 400 years, aerobic or anaerobic? Let's talk about that today.

Before we talk about this topic, let's talk about what aerobic and anaerobic exercise is.

We know that the most direct source of energy for human movement is the hydrolysis of ATP, the body's common energy currency, which is ATP, which is short for adenosine triphosphate, a high-energy phosphoric acid compound.

ATP is produced as a result of oxidation of fat or sugar within cells.

A gram of glucose fully burned in the body produces 17.15 kilojoules of energy, while a gram of fat fully oxidized in the body produces 38 kilojoules of energy.

In addition, in the absence of oxygen or insufficient oxygen, cells can also carry out anaerobic respiration, fat or sugar will be insufficiently burned to produce alcohol or lactic acid, but this anaerobic respiration produces less energy, the combustion of organic matter is not complete.

When we do aerobic exercise, the energy intake of the human body and the oxygen needed roughly maintain a balance, so the cells at this time are mainly aerobic respiration, which can fully burn fat or sugar and generate a lot of energy, which is why aerobic exercise can last for a long time.

So the characteristics of aerobic exercise is relatively low intensity, exercise time is relatively long, fat reduction effect is better.

Is tennis an aerobic or anaerobic exercise?

If we exercise very hard, the energy we can produce by aerobic respiration is no longer enough to meet our energy needs, and the cells do some anaerobic respiration to provide extra energy.

When the lack of oxygen to a certain extent, the body has to stop moving, to eat a lot of oxygen to fill the gap, so most anaerobic exercise intensity is very big, but time is shorter, the exercise of its main effect is to improve the power of the human body, sprint, strength training, etc. These are anaerobic exercise, are usually grouped.

But playing tennis often two or three hours, so this sport is not anaerobic exercise, but tennis this sport is not general aerobic exercise, compared with running when the body has been in motion, playing tennis when the dead ball, pick up the ball or receive the body will be briefly in a relatively static state.

So tennis is strictly an intermittent aerobic exercise. These ball or serve receiver to pick up the ball, body relatively static for a moment to rest time (this is very important), and of course sometimes try very hard to save or to take the American, then briefly into a state of anaerobic, but on the whole, the support ability of the body when playing tennis and oxygen demand is basic balance, is a kind of intermittent aerobic exercise.

The author found that with the author's current physical ability, running continuously for one hour about 10 kilometers, is basically the limit, a little tired, but not too tired, but playing tennis for two or three hours will have this feeling.

Motion can be more than running while playing tennis is one or more than two hours, on the one hand, because of tennis has some excitement brought by the social role, on the other hand because of tennis of intermittent, it is a kind of intermittent motion having oxygen, the moment of the intermittent gave a brief rest and body sufficient oxygen intake.

Throughout a person's life, their heart beats constantly, but in a complete cycle, the heart or heart muscle is relaxed for 5/8 of the time, because after pumping blood out, the heart muscle needs to relax to wait for blood to return, and so on and so on!