Analyze the benefits of tennis

Tennis, on the surface, is nothing more than a small ball game played by two or more people. If you start playing tennis at this level, you will only be assiduously studying the skills of tennis, and obviously, you will not fully appreciate the other charms of tennis. Tennis is the world's second largest sport, its real existence, is very reasonable. The fun and knowledge of careful contemplation, enough for a lifetime.

First of all, tennis, like football and basketball, is always accompanied by the improvement of various abilities. In tennis, it plays a prominent role in the improvement of these abilities, and far exceeds the contribution of other sports.

Endurance: If you're playing against comparable opponents, you can play for an hour in one set, let alone three. The fast running, the instant emergency stop, to the heart and lung ability have a huge exercise effect, so, over time, the endurance of the player, will gradually become strong, to cope with three sets of matches become easy.

Reflexes: I don't think many people can get a quick serve when they start playing tennis. Unlike table tennis, badminton, which usually goes into high speed mode after the start, tennis starts at top speed to pressure the opponent and quickly starts a fierce fight. However, with the growth of the ball, as long as the Angle is not tricky serve, no matter how fast, you can easily head the ball back. Obviously, your reflexes are getting faster.

Observation ability: in fact, the key to playing good tennis is to predict, predict correctly, in place in advance, there is enough time to consider the processing method of this ball, so as to further expand the advantage and win this point. In THE ATP competition, often put the ball was successfully won by the opponent. Imagine how you could get from the baseline to the net in just a fraction of a second if you didn't have excellent observation ability to judge the opponent's shot path.

Analyze the benefits of tennis

The ability to improve has always followed me further and further, these may not feel their charm in daily life, but there will be some magical night, you will be amazed at how much I have changed since playing tennis.

In addition to the improvement of physical ability, there is another ability, is no other sports can surpass, namely aesthetic ability. Tennis has always been known for its elegance, and tennis can not be described without beauty, natural and unrestrained praise. From the moment of contact with tennis, the heart has already produced an idea, that is, must play beautiful, not only is the way back, more is the swing action. When playing tennis, your eyes will naturally be attracted by others' movements, and then unconsciously start to comment on whether the movements of the other party are smooth and beautiful. Therefore, it is widely inferred that tennis has an important help for aesthetic improvement.

In addition to enhancing abilities in all aspects, tennis also serves as a great medium for social interaction. In Japan, tennis is widespread as a way to socialize. There is no direct physical confrontation in tennis, and it only takes two strokes to show character. In addition, each shot lasts quite a long time, so these qualities also contribute to this aspect of tennis.

In addition, tennis is suitable for all ages. In amateur games all over the country, the senior group is indispensable, they have a long experience of the ball, play a variety of balls, usually the tactics to the fullest. Tactics are the performance of mental use, use tactics well, the game is easy to play. Use a variety of tactics when playing tennis to not only activate the brain, but also make tennis more fun. Children learn tennis, in addition to physical exercise, but also know more daily knowledge, such as basic etiquette between people and so on.

Since I started playing tennis, watching matches is also my greatest pleasure. The ups and downs of the players and the thrilling score make the ordinary life more colorful and the illusory life more real.