Common tennis injuries and prevention strategies

Many amateur tennis players have suffered from injuries, and the older they get and the longer they play, the more likely they are to get injured. According to statistics, 40% of the injuries occurred in the lower extremities, 25% in the upper extremities, 20% in the abdomen and back, and 15% in the rest parts, such as the buttocks, head and eyes.

The above is listed in order of proportion from highest to lowest. Similarly, we have also listed the major causes of tennis injuries from highest to lowest, as outlined below.

The first reason is overwork

Of all the causes of injury and illness, excessive exercise ranks first. In every amateur club, you can always find a few “ball nerds” who want to play every day and when they can. Playing too much will make the muscles, nervous system in a state of excessive tension, so that the body under long-term pressure; Playing too often can make the body too late to recover, leading to a series of problems in the muscles and joints, technical movements and mental state.

It is important to know oneself. It is only a matter of time before an injury occurs if one continues to work as hard as he did when he was younger and cannot control the intensity and frequency of his playing.

Even if you are young and energetic, you need to “slow down”. Make sure you get at least one day off a week, no matter what type of exercise you do. Every amateur tennis player should find the right balance between rest and exercise, whether you are young or old.

Common tennis injuries and prevention strategies

The second reason is that exercise is too simple

Among the amateur tennis fans, there are a significant number of people whose exercise is limited to tennis, especially those who are highly addicted to tennis, and are more reluctant to spend their time in sports other than tennis. And as we all know, professional tennis players have many training programs, the tennis court is only one of their many training venues, playing tennis is only one of their many training programs. Without flexibility, endurance, and muscle strength, your chances of getting injured while playing tennis are significantly higher than others.

The third reason is that technology is flawed

Wrong, unreasonable technical movements are the direct cause of wrist, elbow and midsection injuries, which multiply when combined with the aforementioned overwork. Even professional players, not to mention amateurs, have more or less flawed technical movements and power chains. The direct cause of professional players’ retirement is mostly due to injuries, such as Sharapova’s shoulder injury, Li Na’s knee injury, Agassi’s back injury and so on. Even with first-class physical teachers and trainers, these tennis stars are still unable to avoid the occurrence and accumulation of injuries, let alone us ordinary amateur players.

At this point, it is worthwhile to change your movements at any time. Constantly improving your technique and optimizing your power chain under the guidance of an experienced coach will not only improve your technique, but also significantly reduce the risk of injury.

The fourth reason is inappropriate equipment

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, ill-fitting rackets may be one of the causes of tennis elbow. If we go into detail on this topic, unsuitable rackets are mainly weight, hardness, balance distribution, grip size, type of thread bed, type of thread and thread weight, which can be specific causes of injury and injury.

In addition, inappropriate ball shoes also cause injuries not allow the inducement to ignore. For ball age not long ball friends, they often ignore the important role of a pair of tennis shoes. If the whim to play tennis, some people even have no time to change tennis shoes, directly wearing casual shoes, badminton shoes or even running shoes to play tennis. Tennis requires a lot of footwork, running and stopping, moving frequently in all directions, and wearing shoes with good shock absorption, wrapping and support that are difficult to adapt to other shoes.

From personal experience, I always keep a pair of tennis shoes in my car in case I need them. If I wear my running shoes to the tennis court, I’d rather stand around and watch than play in my running shoes.

The fifth cause, acute unintentional injury

Acute unintentional injuries are usually unpredictable and often occur suddenly, such as calf muscle strain, ankle sprain and so on. Both of my calf muscle injuries happened in the winter, at the beginning of playing, which shows how important it is to warm up before playing, especially in the winter when the temperatures are lower. After I tore my calf muscle, I began to appreciate the need to warm up and stretch before and after playing.

In addition, accidents like ankle sprains can be prevented. Make sure you clean the tennis balls off your feet before playing. Otherwise, you could sprain your ankle if you step on them. For example, the right pair of tennis shoes is also very important, as for the importance of correct footwork needless to say. In order to maximize the prevention of accidental injuries, you must always be careful, weigh the pros and cons of balls that are beyond your ability, and know how to give up.

The most important thing is that building physical fitness, muscle strength, flexibility and footwork can go a long way toward preventing accidental injuries. It’s not necessarily going to make you a better player, but it’s going to pay off if you practice.