How to play tennis well?

1, the serve

The most important kickoff is the lob. Some people do not throw the ball high or low, in fact, everyone has the most appropriate relative height of their own throw, the most appropriate service point, this has nothing to do with the height. Naturally, a big man has an inherent advantage because of his high kickoff point.

Generally speaking, there is a standard relative height for throwing the ball. If you raise the table tennis racket vertically, the one higher than the relative height of the table tennis racket vertically is your standard relative height for throwing the ball. As long as it falls to the position close to the center of the circle, you can serve the ball.

The ball is usually thrown a little bit into the football field. When throwing the ball, the other kicker should extend back at a 90 degree Angle, then bend his legs, bounce and serve. When bending your legs, you need the sole of your foot to touch the ground. Hit the ball with your arm straight. You also need to press your wrist while serving. On landing, the hand throwing the ball can be positioned around the abdominal cavity. It is not easy to harm their own next beat, also won't be hit into their own table tennis.

How to play tennis well?2. Pressure ball

The high pressure ball is also a table tennis looks easy, but is not easy to grasp a technical.

In high ball play, the player who is not holding the racquet should point at the ball so that the ball can be held vertically on the way down, which means that the ball will land vertically in the hand. Like a tee shot, the racquet extends back 90 degrees, and when the ball hits your spot, press down straight with the racquet.

Remember to serve with your hands straight. Also need to press the wrist, that can make when serving more energy. If the ball is near the net, the Angle should be open. If it is close to the bottom of the high ball, to play deep, that is, also into the other side of the moral line to go. That's in your best interest.

There is also a very important point is that when dealing with the high ball flying from the high sky, do not lean back to the ball, must use the cross step to point back to the ball. The most important thing about pressure ball is not power, it's perspective.

Volley at the net

The net is undoubtedly a very important skill in tennis. It's also not very easy for beginners to master, because it can be misleading.

When the ball is shallow, you can use the chipping ball to cut the ball back to the opponent's baseline, as deep as possible, and at an Angle.

Place here the other side of the ball return you half-way around the home can cut over the net, misconceptions come, many volleys when all around his waist, bow to reach the ball, to intercept, it is also a problem, volleys should the legs, but the waist straight, and the soles of your feet touch the ground, the pace is friction with the sole of the road, like jump flies. Move sideways by the waist and cross to reach.