If you like tennis, how much do you spend on tennis every month?

Playing tennis for a long time, now in a few days do not play the whole body uncomfortable state.

Formerly known as an aristocratic and expensive sport, tennis has become more popular and cheaper in recent years, but it is still an expensive sport. A few days ago, I was talking with my friends about the cost of this campaign. After a rough calculation, I found that the average monthly cost is...... I surprised myself. I came up with the idea of figuring out how much money I would spend on tennis each month.

Talk about their own situation: 24 years old, the level of 3.0- (some skills to 3.0 and some did not reach), the average down 6 times a month to play about two hours, rarely play games (because knee is not good dare to run), playing environment is in the city's sports center, facilities are quite good.

Durable equipment (ball bags, clothing, protective equipment, etc.) for the convenience of the temporary calculation [less calculation point to save the scare myself......] I live in a city where I can play nine months of the year. The prices calculated below do not include special clearance items.

1. The racket. Rackets are also durable equipment and should not be counted, but I am a "life is a struggle" person and always want to try a new one. Assuming that the second-hand racket is sold at a second-hand price and the income is good, the depreciation cost of one racket is estimated to be 200+ for the time being, and the depreciation cost is calculated to be 450 (for easy division) and 50 per month for the time being

2. Ball and thread: I have two rackets. The life span of one racquet is one month, and the cost of one racquet + handwork =50

3. Sneakers: I'm wearing adidas Barricade Boost, but I can always find something cheap, $500 for a pair, I can wear them for 12 months with my lazy feet, 40 per month

4. Balls: Six times a month, take the balls in rotation with my ball PALS, two cans a month, the cost of balls is 50

If you like tennis, how much do you spend on tennis every month

5. Water: 1-2 bottles of pulsation each time, calculated as 10 bottles per month, water 35 (really not hypocritical or pretend to be cruel, if you only drink water, your fingertips will feel numb, so it will be better if you drink pulsation)

6. Venue: This is the most expensive item. The normal sports center charges 20/ hour, and 30/ hour on weekends. My annual card in the sports center costs 1500 per year, which is a little cheaper. I can save some transportation costs by sharing the venue with my golf friends or those who have cars

Let's start with the regular items: 50+75+40+50+35+150=400

If you like tennis, how much do you spend on tennis every month

It's not cheap... But I can always think of zhe comfort myself, I do not smoke and do not drink (basically also do not perm), how these two can save 400 yuan a month! Life is to find a way to be happy

Guys can figure out how much money they spend on tennis each month by following my list (which is definitely more than that...).