What's the best you can do when you start playing tennis at 20?

How far can you go when you're 20?

In my opinion, the upper limit should be 5.0 (4.5 for Tennis123, since the maximum level for Tennis123 matches is 4.5). Let's start with the factors that affect your growth:

1. The talent

2. Environmental

3. Training methods

4. Present time + Energy

As FAR as I know, wang Zhuoyi, the runner-up of 2014 Amateur Masters Cup, is a top amateur player of 5.0 level who can start to learn tennis after adulthood and reach the top level of domestic amateur circle.

What's the best you can do when you start playing tennis at 20

Of course, wang Zhuoyi is an adult began to learn the ball, it is not particularly rigorous, because in 2002 he was 13 years old or so, had received some basic multi-ball training.

But it was when he went to university in the United States that he began to take tennis lessons in a systematic way. Let's analyze him from the four factors listed above.

Wang Zhuoyi is 191cm tall. Her father is the leader of the National handball Team, and her mother is the goalkeeper of the National Women's handball Team. She belongs to a sports family and has good innate qualities.

2. Environment After studying in the United States, I became increasingly interested in tennis, and began to receive systematic tennis training and participate in NCAA competitions.

During her stay in the United States, Wang Zhuoyi invested a lot in tennis and trained very hard.

After returning to China, Wang zhuoyi quickly became the top amateur player in China based on his study and playing experience in the United States. From all aspects of analysis, Wang Zhuoyi is basically the top level that an amateur can achieve. For the landlord, you can according to their own conditions, and Wang Zhuo - yi comparison.

What's the best you can do when you start playing tennis at 20

It may not be possible to reach Wang zhuoyi's level of 5.0, but it is possible to reach 4.0 if you put in enough effort and adopt the right approach. For example, if you are in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, then you can go to a tennis school or find a good coach system for training, two to three times a week, supplemented by enough physical training and amateur games.

If faster, about 2~3 years is enough to improve from 2.5 to 4.0 level, and the level is relatively stable, real.

If you simply want to play wild ball to 4.0, unless you are very talented, especially good mobility and hand-eye coordination, with enough training time and game experience, it is possible to improve to 4.0.


But maybe the action is not very beautiful ~~~