Tennis is the best exercise to lose weight

First of all, tennis rally is a high-intensity aerobic exercise. What is aerobic exercise? Running, swimming, aerobics, even square dance are counted, they have a common characteristic is rhythmic, aerobic exercise must be rhythmic, only rhythm, in order to coordinate with the adjustment of breathing, sustainable for a long time, otherwise, without breathing, where does oxygen come from? And tennis more rounds to pull, is one such movement, and in terms of aerobic, compared to other sports, tennis another advantage is highlighted, is strong confrontation, said that a lot of people may be afraid of, this is actually a kind of don't understand, if you really can play, you are feeling completely out of the fight how strong, you feel it only gives you the feeling of dopamine, In one word, cool. It's the power and joy of hitting your racquet at 100 miles an hour and then hitting your insides. It's a feeling you can't experience with any other aerobic exercise. The deeper you pull, the deeper you naturally groan, or the higher you roar.

Don't get the wrong idea, it's playing ball (well, almost)! This moan and roar is from the deepest part of your viscera, we Chinese commonly known as "Dan Tian", this sound is emitted from Dan Tian, do not need special practice, you will naturally, even you can not feel, I called? (This is actually, well, similar). During this process, you sweat, and sweat sweat is not the same level, your sweat is from the deepest part of the body, not the same level as other sports sweat, your body's deepest toxins are completely eliminated with this sweat. And when you scream, you shout out the deepest underlying problems in your body as well as your mind. Yelling can also burn calories, but it's not just calories that you burn. There are also potential problems with your body, as well as all kinds of psychological discomfort, big and small.

If you think you're done, you're far from done. You're far from done with what tennis can do to lose weight. I've seen on the field of more than 60 years old aunt, that figure with the devil to describe a little too much, also saw a young "guy" paper, almost see uncle is actually, my uncle also is such, I feel my body right now is the best I've ever had, didn't go to school when so thin and sickly, and no later then puffiness. Just a healthy, straight look. I like the look of hope. There is a picture and there is a truth. In addition, said to play tennis leg thick children's shoes, you can evaluate my 13 years of ball small thin legs, recently for this public account just began to shoot video pictures, found my legs incredibly so thin!

Tennis is the best exercise to lose weight

So how does tennis work in this respect? As we know, the most difficult part of the body to lose is the abdomen. Many people may not be heavy, but they still have fat on the abdomen. What's more, the abdomen is a disaster area for those who are already overweight and under pressure. Tennis, on the other hand, is the only aerobic exercise that focuses on horizontal waist movement. Watch my language, not one of these words is superfluous, especially when it comes to your belly. We know, aerobic means losing weight, but only aerobic, it is difficult to lose belly, and the gym is cooperate with instruments, sit-ups, anaerobic, and these are the characteristics of anaerobic, sustainable, is hard to insist, still have even if the result is bad, are more than 10 sit-ups is tired, for the proud flesh is a drop in the ocean. What about other waist exercises? Yes, golf, for example, is also a waist sport like tennis, this should also be ok? But sorry, it's not aerobic. What happens? The result is the shape of China's Feng Shanshan, the third-place golfer at the Rio Olympics.

Unique, this word is absolute, but easily falsified, if you can name any exercise that has both aerobic and major waist activity, this one doesn't work. But I'm sorry, I can't find it. But that alone doesn't cover everything tennis has to do with weight loss. I'll talk about it later.

That is to say, if you play tennis, you will find a way, first of all, not only not pain, happiness is better than looking for a girl or looking for a handsome pot, and a lot of calories, or pure waist exercise, so good tennis, you want to fat are difficult!

Tennis is the best exercise to lose weight

But then there are those who say, I've seen fat people on the court too! Yes, yes, I've seen fat men on the court, but I've never seen a fat man play well! Some people think that winning is good. Gilbert, a former professional and Grand Slam runner-up, wrote a famous book on tennis called Win Ugly, so winning is not necessarily beautiful. And play beautiful, explain your movement rationality is fully reflected, the so-called beauty of movement, the acme of all kinds of sports will bring the beauty of movement, beautiful must be right, sports field is this truth.

So the fat on the court, must be their movement hair force problems, bring about no movement through the waist and abdomen hit, so this aspect can not exercise, this is not the problem of tennis, but their own problem.