Lublev: Nadal and Alcaras should not be compared

Lublev: Nadal and Alcaras should not be compared

Also born in Spain, also in the world’s top 10 at the age of 20…… Alcaras may have a lot in common with Nadal, and many see him as the “successor” to Nadal, happily comparing their achievements, playing styles and styles. However, Russia’s Alexander Lublev, now world number seven, said comparisons should not be made and that they are very different players.

“On the one hand, the comparison is wrong because every tennis player is unique, physically, technically, mentally and physically different.” “On the other hand, people tend to like this in sports, so we can’t get away from it. I personally don’t like to compare the two. If I had to say what they have in common, I would say they are both Spanish and use the same brand of racquet.”

Lublev said nadal and Alcaras are often compared because they both reached the world’s top 10 at such a young age, but did not think such comparisons should be made between players of different generations.

“The way they play is different, just because he is very young and has become a top 10 player in the world, like Nadal was 10 years ago, it doesn’t mean they are similar.” “When Nadal did it, it was more than a decade ago,” Lublev said. “It’s not appropriate to compare players from different eras. If they are the same age and spend a lot of time together, but one of them has good grades and the other has average grades, you might be able to compare them and even explain the reasons behind them. Players from two eras like them shouldn’t be compared like that.”

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