What are the physical requirements of playing tennis?

Tennis is not a direct confrontational sport, so the requirements of the body can be said to be not too high, as long as the normal running around, there is a certain hand-eye coordination ability and strength, that basically anyone can play tennis.

For example, some middle-aged and old people in their fifties and sixties, as well as some frail little girls, can also be very happy to play tennis. But tennis is physically demanding to play at a certain level.

What are the physical requirements of playing tennis

First of all, the power can not be too weak, because the quality of the tennis ball is a very important factor. For example, Chinese Golden Flower are all players with very solid basic skills, and most of them are athletes with excellent physical fitness. However, when it comes to players with strength like Serena Williams, they are basically swept away. The biggest difference is strength. Secondly, hand-eye coordination is very important. Although the ball is not small and the racket is very big, it is not easy to hit the ball.

In particular, it is more difficult to hit every stroke with the sweet part of the racket. The most common problem for amateurs is hitting the ball badly, like on the edge of the racket, which can be very bad. Again, the ability to run is also very important, although the tennis court is not too big, but a person to cover half the court is still very difficult, there is a real antagonism in the game, around running back and forth will be very frequent.

In addition, body coordination and rhythm is also very important, tennis almost every shot need to adjust the body state, find the right ball, step in place ahead of schedule, and then from the legs to the waist and abdomen to arm, the whole process needs to be more accurate physical state and the proper rhythm, this is the low level to high level advanced one of the biggest bottlenecks.

What are the physical requirements of playing tennis

Last, but not least, to play tennis well, one of the factors besides physical fitness is tennis quotient or mind. Of course, this is the biggest gap between the top players and the average professional players. The current ATP's three big players are relatively easy to beat the non-big players mainly because of the extremely high tennis quotient.

However, this is not to say that amateur tennis does not need to use the brain, there is a very common situation in amateur competition, a player with excellent physical fitness and good power to volley back and forth, but the opposite player with average physical fitness to respond with cutting back and forth, and finally lost is that physical fitness.