Why is tennis bad?

Tennis is not bad to play, but compared with badminton and table tennis, tennis is more difficult to get started, but after mastering the method, tennis is a lot of fun.

Rather than tennis skill movement is difficult, it is more accurate to say that the coordination ability of the body and the sense of space and position of the participants are more demanding.

Why is tennis bad

It is not a ball that relies on arm action as seen by the eyes. The characteristic of tennis requires the coordinated power of the whole body. How to better transfer the power of the body to the arm is the difficulty of practice. Across the tennis court is larger at the same time, the high-speed ball to the judgment of the more difficult than other games, finally the effect of the show is often involved in personnel or arrival can't play the ball to hit the ball to fly, so at the beginning of the study need to be under the guidance of the coach for a series of movement and movement training to better grasp the technology and learn to judge.

In my opinion, tennis is a very simple sport after you master the power skills and how to judge.

Compared with badminton and table tennis with high intensity of the game rhythm and too delicate touch requirements, tennis does not need too much skill to play a very interesting tennis match.

There is no doubt that tennis is the best sport for a lifetime.