Bathroom waterproofing makes the house more durable.​

of the bathroom preventing slip waterproof is the one that lets a person notice in the home outfit all the time. ​To prolong the service life of the building, the bathroom is waterproof and prevents slipping. It is top priority more, finding a place for a shower base in the bathroom can solve these problems very well.

​The application of bathroom waterproof board in home decoration is introduced in detail below.
waterproof board is a kind of impermeable material made of high molecular polymer.

because most of the waterproof boards on the market are added with anti-aging agents, therefore, they can be used in the prescribed environment, and have a long service life and good corrosion resistance. ​This is also one of the reasons why the bathroom waterproof board is used more and more frequently in home decoration.


​The general seepage coefficient of the bathroom waterproof board used for the bathroom is higher, and it has higher tensile resistance, which can effectively resist the uneven settlement of the house in the use process. ​Secondly, the chemical performance is also relatively stable, resistant to high and low temperature, and the temperature rise in the bath can be well solved.

​This material has excellent anti-aging properties, with a service life of about 50-70 years and good puncture resistance. ​The use of new materials is also the bathroom waterproof board to save about 50% of the cost, and this material is also convenient for construction, has high flexibility, can be used in this way of hot melt welding, high weld strength. ​The material of a bathroom waterproof board is a virulent environmental protection type material. The principle of seepage prevention is physical change. It won’t produce new material, have assurance to the health of the family, also be the optimal choice of custard of environmental protection, breeding, drinkable.

​Because the environment of the bathroom is more special, being in a moist environment all the year round, can appear soakaway water, mildew wait for a circumstance, so, accordingly, installation of a bathroom waterproof board is very necessary, can rise to protect the effect of the bathroom very well so.

​After realizing the importance of a waterproof bathroom, special attention should be paid to these points in home decoration. choose a safe and secure bathroom waterproof board, so that the house can maintain the original performance for a longer time in the use process.